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your resource for connecting to Source energy and reclaiming the abundance and joy that has always been inside you, and still is!

How you feel = How you vibrate = How you attract. Vibration is everything and I’m here to help you raise it up!   You will get into that good feeling space that allows you to attract the health, prosperity, relationships and joy you have been looking for. 

Tools such as EFT, NLP, and other energy therapies are fantastic for removing emotional blocks that keep you stuck.   But it’s not about the therapies—it’s about YOU unleashing the unlimited potential that has always been inside!

My name is Gwen and I am a Law of Attraction Expert, Juicing Fanatic, and Transformation Coach.  Your ultimate life is already there waiting for you—I will show you how to bring it in to your reality.

To get started please check out my blog below!  Leave your comments and questions so we can connect.

Well, Isn’t That Interesting?

I have a bunch of people in my life right now going through stressful situations ranging from dying loved ones to cancer and everything in between.  When empathizing with one friend about the litany of things she was dealing with, the only thing I could think of to say was, “Isn’t life interesting?” We both […]

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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

I bought a book on weight loss today. No, no, I have not reverted back to my old school dieting days!  I bought it because I am writing a book about organically and sustainably returning to your natural size through changing your relationship with food, diet, and body image.  I need to compare my book […]

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The Arsenal of Mean Things to Say

I haven’t been exercising much lately, and I use the word much lightly.  I finally decided this morning to bite the bullet and at least get out for a walk. As I was walking along it was apparent that things were not as tight as they were just a month ago.  It was also apparent […]

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Practicing Happiness

If you are reading this blog post it is pretty likely that you have heard of the Law of Attraction.  You know that what you think about and focus on you get more of.  You know this, I know this.  So why is it that we still spend a lot of time focusing on the […]

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Don’t Force It

When you try to force something, it usually breaks. When I am in the midst of making a big batch of juice sometimes I try to get away with getting it all done without cleaning out the accumulated pulp midway.  I end up trying to force the last few vegetables through because there  is too […]

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It’s All Inside Of You

I love the Buddha’s attitude—essentially it was, don’t take what I’m saying as the truth just because I’m saying it.  Examine these teachings and take what resonates with you. Recently I have noticed some parallels between dieting and spiritual seeking.  It is great to get out there and research different paths.  But when you put […]

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Like a Genie in a Bottle

This is a guest post written by my fabulous friend Leigh Daniel.  She is a master of manifestation.  Read on to find out how you can be too!! I’ve always liked Genies. I was a huge fan of I Dream of Genie, and even loved Brittany Spears’ catchy (and uber sexy) Genie. When I was […]

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Eat Good Food; Feel Good About What You Eat

My Wish for the New Year The last quarter of this year I have spent a bunch of time contemplating how we as a society and culture feel about food…and it’s not good! Food = Fear to many, many, many people.  We are afraid of the thing that is meant to nourish us and that […]

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There’s No Place like Hell for the Holidays 2

I have written about how the holidays can easily turn hellish if we choose to make them so by trying to do too much without enough time, worry about money, and perhaps spending time with people we would rather not spend time with. In part 2, I want to discuss a huge aspect of the […]

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Change, Change Go Away…

Since coming home from a wonderful trip to Mexico I have been spending time contemplating some changes in how I can better be of service through blogging/coaching/teaching.  I have also been collaborating on a new project which I am very excited about!!  So change is afoot here at Your Inner Joy and I cannot wait […]

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