What Do Drinking Wine and Public Speaking Have in Common?

Have you ever been sitting on your patio on a lovely evening with good friends laughing and drinking some wine? Then you decide to have one more glass because you are having so much fun, even though you kind of know that you won’t sleep good and will be tired in the morning.  The next morning […]

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If I Fart and Nobody Hears It Does It Make a Sound?

From as young an age as I can remember I was mortified about passing gas.  I never found it funny and I would do anything in my power to prevent it from happening, even if I was just in my own company.  All during my childhood I had my brother convinced that I simply did […]

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Peace is Every Bite

I just ate a mango.  And I enjoyed the heck out of it.  I relished it. I thought about when I couldn’t eat fruit because it would hurt my stomach too much.  I thought about when I was afraid to eat fruit because whatever diet I was on wouldn’t allow it.  Today I thanked the […]

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The Truth about Losing Weight

You know what sucks about writing a book on how you lost the weight and kept it off?  You start worrying about keeping it off so you can promote the damn book. You know what happens when you start worrying about gaining weight?  You put your jeans on after wearing yoga pants all winter and say, […]

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On Becoming a Mindshift Magician Extraordinaire

I’ve given myself a fancy new title because, well, I deserve it.  How did I become a Mindshift Magician Extraordinaire, you ask?  (Maybe you didn’t actually ask but, as usual, I’m going to tell you anyway). I have a new book that will be coming out in the next few months (yay!).  In preparation for […]

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What to Check When You’re Expecting

I’ve recently switched from mostly wearing glasses to mostly wearing contacts due to the fact that I finally got some that I can see out of.  I’m sure this news has thrilled you, and you are wondering what else I’m going to bore you with today.  Here it is:  I’ve been using a lot of […]

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“You are SO White”

After the second time I heard this, while a handsome man outstretched his arm next to mine with beautiful mocha skin, I threw caution to the wind and traded in my #50 bullet proof sunscreen for some oil that had a little SPF dribbled in, and left the safety of the palapa. Why?  Because that […]

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There’s No Place Like Hell for the Holidays 3

I cancelled Christmas this year. That’s right—sorry everyone, it’s not happening. Alright, that’s not really true.  But what I did do, was get in touch with all my friends who I exchange Christmas gifts with, to ask them if we could stop.  Not just this year, but forevermore. OK, don’t get all Whoville on me—it’s […]

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Peaceful is the New Normal?

So here we are coming to the end of yet another year. It seems to always catch me by surprise.  Thus, this thought starts to sneak up as well when the holidays approach … what have I accomplished this year? Then, something that is not a surprise, my thoughts usually go to the things I […]

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There Are No Words

How do you cope? What do you do about this horrible, unthinkable thing that has happened? How do you go on to enjoy your holidays, or your cup of tea for that matter, when others are suffering in insane amounts? Years ago, and sadly because there have been many I can’t remember what the tragedy […]

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