A Belly Laugh a Day

Do you laugh every day?

I have to say that I do…mostly because I am somewhat simple in the head so many things crack me up.

Most recently what has been making me belly laugh while home all by myself has been emailing with my friend Deb in Spanish (which we don’t speak) because of an upcoming trip to Mexico. We use Google Translate to translate what we want to say, and then if the other person can’t figure it out they put it back into Google to translate back to English. Google does a great job but every now and again something utterly ridiculous comes out—most recently something I sent to Deb translated back into English as, ” Yes, we should start getting involved with the consumption of butter.”

Oh my God, it is making me laugh so hard just to write this. I love words, and nothing makes me laugh harder than word mix-ups. I was actually saying something about drinking tequila, so you may see why I am finding this so funny…or not.

Anyway, my point here is not to tell you about my conversation about being involved with the consumption of butter. The point is to say that when I laugh, especially when I laugh really hard, I just plain feel better.

Laughter is the greatest tool available to us to raise our vibration. It is amazing the shift that can take place simply by having a good laugh.

Often folks tend to get caught up on the serious side of things. Stressful jobs, family obligations, trying to stay in shape and be healthy…there are a lot of important things we have to get done in a day. So much so that sometimes we might forget to find the humor in things. But to me forgetting to find the humor is like not seeing the beauty that surrounds you. In any situation there is inevitably something breathtaking to look at—a tree, a flower, the sky. It is the same with humor—no matter what the situation is, even if it is a very hard situation, there is usually a way to find some humor in it. And during the difficult times is when we need that humor the most.

This calls to mind when my Dad was sick and basically dying for an extended period of time. This time was massively stressful with medical emergency after medical emergency. It was god-awful to watch as he wasted away and continued to lose more and more functionality. I’m sure many of you can relate. But amidst all of that, when my brother and I would leave the hospital we would almost always find something to crack up about, and that would usually lead to crazy can’t breathe, can’t see because you are crying laughter.

We weren’t consciously aware of it at the time, but this was hugely important for both of us. The release of laughter helped us cope with this continuous awful stress. It kept us somewhat sane.

I have had many ups and downs in my life, as we all have. But I do remember one point in my life being in such a low vibrational place that I couldn’t laugh. I couldn’t find the humor that had always kept me going during tough times. It was a very long time ago but I can still remember that hideous feeling. Losing my humor could have been a game ender.

Fortunately something snapped me back, and over the years that followed I continued to learn tools to help me keep my vibration up. But I have to say, good old fashioned laughter is one of the best tools out there. It’s free and it’s available to anyone. So if you find yourself in a stuck place, stop for a minute and find the humor in it. Simply having a couple of good laughs a day could change your life!

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