Ahhh Perfection

Did you ever have the feeling that in order to do something you had to be perfect at it? If so did you ever end up doing that thing? Probably not!

The feeling that we are not ready to do something can stop us dead in our tracks. Feeling “not ready” is kind of like the old I’ll be happy when… As if happiness is a thing to be obtained or that it comes from this external thing that we are reaching for. The same is true for feeling not ready to do something new. I’ll be ready when… The waiting around to feel ready, to feel perfectly able and equipped to do this new thing can turn into an eternity. Truth is the only way to feel ready to do something is to actually do it and see how you feel. If it works out great—hurray! and you keep moving forward. If it is a struggle or it is not enjoyable then you move in another direction. How much life are we missing out on waiting to be ready?

I have always wanted to write. I love writing—I love words. But when I first started this blog I put a website up and made it look pretty. Then I did nothing. Week after week on my list of goals sat write a blog post. I did not feel ready for anyone to read what I had written. My writing needed improvement. It was far from “perfect”. Better to just wait until I was ready.

Turns out that my writing wasn’t going to improve if I wasn’t doing it, and the whole point of having a blog is to have people read it. My not feeling ready almost robbed you of  all this profound wisdom you find here in the words on these pages—that would be a tragedy! OK, maybe there is not a lot of profound wisdom around here…but the real tragedy would have been that I never tried because I didn’t feel ready. That I missed out on something I love to do—whether anyone else loves it or not—because I wasn’t sure if my skills were good enough yet.

Now I happily blog along even though there is still huge room for improvement, but instead of letting that stop me I find joy in the process. So ask yourself, what is it that I am waiting to do until I feel more ready? What passion of mine am I not pursuing….yet? Then take a deep courageous breath and set about doing it.

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