And the Juice Goes On

As promised in my last post I am already back here on the juice wagon ready to browbeat you into trying it. I have been juicing for a little over a month now and I can hardly believe the change drinking glasses of green grassy tasting juice can make! No, don’t panic—I’m not only making killer green juice but I love that first thing in the morning. Later in the day I concentrate on making combos that taste good but are of course still great for you, such as carrot, red pepper, romaine, and summer squash. And don’t forget you can always add a green apple to the super green juice to make it more palatable. But I digress….

I had to write again on this topic right away because I am just blown away at how much healthier I feel and how quickly this is happening! I can’t even tell you the number of people who have told me how great my skin looks. I noticed it but thought maybe it was just wishful thinking (which is ok too) but then other folks started confirming my suspicion.

My next suspicion was that I was losing weight…..but this for me is hard to verify because I swore off the scale when I swore off dieting many years ago. This suspicion has since been confirmed by loose clothing and more comments. Fabulous!

I will tell you one thing, without diving too deeply into the subject in this post. Since I quit the dieting roller coaster several years ago, I felt that the extra weight I had accumulated from about 25 years of losing and gaining back + would somehow organically take care of itself. As much as there was still a part of me that wanted to go on the next crazy diet just to get back to “normal” I knew that wasn’t an option because for me dieting inevitably leads back to weight gain, aside from the fact that starving yourself to lose weight is far from healthy. I would try to eat as little as I could, and in looking for low cal/low point food I got into processed diet crap and was, I’m sure, super nutritionally deficient. This in turn made me hungry beyond belief.

I am so grateful to have found hyper nutritious beautiful green juice. Hearing about it and reading about it wasn’t enough. I had to try it and get the feeling—I never imagined juicing would make me feel so good! It is so satisfying because your body is getting the nutrition it needs. Apart from all these great side effects of the juice don’t forget—How you feel=How you vibrate=How you attract! Feeling physically good—strong and healthy—certainly plays into feeling emotionally good. And I must say, I feel great! More on this soon…


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