Are Nike Advertisers Channeling the Divine?

When I finished my first post and got through my resistance to writing it suddenly all of these ideas flooded in my head of topics I wanted to write about. Well, guess what….now that I sit down to write do you think I have the slightest inkling of what any of those ideas were? Of course I don’t–they have gone, vanished! It’s like I have never had an idea in my head before…..and probably never will.

So what is writer’s block and what is it trying to tell us? Or me in this case but perhaps a few of you reading this might be experiencing the same thing. Op….thought I was on a roll but now I am stuck again. What is not being able to say saying to us?? Is it akin to not being able to ask for what we really want? Or the inability to ask for help. The inner victim who decides to just remain quiet because there is really nobody out there who will listen, or help. I am all alone in the world.

Of course when I refer to the inner victim I am talking about our cohort the ego–trying to keep up the illusion of separateness by fooling us into thinking we have nothing to say…..or even if we did that no one would listen anyway. Because once you feel the blocked feeling, the feeling that you have no ideas or nothing to say, the ego latches on and tries to get us to produce a slew of similar, negative feelings. This blocks our true creative nature–our connection to our higher self, our conversation with the divine.

It seems as though the ego is going to be coming up a lot in my posts, because any time you are feeling stuck, the ego is there. And conversely any time you are feeling hugely inspired and creative, you have slipped past the ego and connected to Source.

So what’s the answer–what is writers block trying to tell us? I say it is telling us to go ahead and write anyway. Just write something, even if it is writing “I don’t know what to write about” over and over again. Even if you think what you are writing sucks, just keep writing until something comes out of you. And it will come out of you.

This applies all over the place in life. I recently came across Joel Runyon’s Blog of Impossible Things, and I really have been enjoying reading his posts. In fact how I found out about Joel’s blog was when my mastermind partner sent me a link to his post–3 Reasons Why You Should Hit Publish On Your Next Post (Even If It Sucks), when I was having so much difficulty getting my first post done. For me, I have the goal and dream of being a writer. And it also seems like an impossible thing.

Have I made any point here? Hmmm. Well, my theory is that writer’s block is telling us to write anyway. And this leads us to–any block (to a goal or dream, not jumping off a bridge) can be trying to tell us to do it anyway. Make a start, take a step. It may seem unrealistic, or silly, improbable or as Joel says, impossible. But who cares, really? It doesn’t matter how much of pursuing the dream contains the unknown (because trying something new is of course always unknown). It’s like what Dr. Hew Len (master teacher of Self I-dentity Ho’oponopono) says when students ask him incessantly about the proper way to do Ho’oponopono–do I have to say I’m sorry?, why do I need to be forgiven?, who am I actually saying this to? His answer is, “Just doooooo it”. Oh, and I guess that Nike ad says the same thing…..

Please leave any comments below, and if you want to read more about doing the impossible, check out Joel’s blog!


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