Are We Done Yet?

“Are we done yeeeetttttt?? “ We all probably remember whining that sentence to our parents when we were young and doing something that didn’t appeal to a kid like clothes shopping when you wanted to be outside playing with your friends. The task seemed to take an eternity and was painful through and through. Oh, the sweet relief of finally pulling into the driveway at home and bolting down the street to your friend’s to play tether ball (does anyone play that anymore?!?).

I felt this way every time I went on a diet. It was painful through and through—starving and irritable all the time. I just couldn’t wait for it to be done. I couldn’t wait to hit whatever magic number I had set in my mind so I could go back to eating “normally” and stop the agony. But of course a lot of us know how this works—you go from semi-starvation to eating “normally” and you put back on the weight you lost, and then some.

The last time I was on a diet and losing weight I remember saying to myself and others, “I will never do this again.” Meaning this time, no matter what, I am going to keep this weight off so I don’t have to be in this dieting hell again. But as it turns out, that last time I didn’t even make it to my goal weight, and as I started to intersperse “normal” eating back into my life the weight started to come back, and then some.

I bring up this point because if you have read any previous posts you know that I have been JUICING and I am WILD ABOUT IT!! But to be clear, I did not get into juicing because I was looking for a weight loss program—I was looking for better nutrition and more energy. I found that and more—and one of the brilliant side effects of my monstrously improved nutrition has been weight loss.

Of course I have been thrilled with this side effect—feeling better, more energetic and lighter is very exciting to me. But the best thing is I am not waiting for it to be over! I’m not longing to be done. On the contrary, I feel certain that this is something I will do for the long run. If I am away from my normal juicing routine, I can’t wait to get back to it. It is easy, it is satisfying, and it feels right. Instead of wondering, “Am I done yet?” I am feeling like I have barely just begun!


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