Will you open up your window to paradise?

The opportunity to live an inspired life is all around us. Yet day in and day out so many make the choice to stay stuck—stuck in a bad job, a bad relationship, in unhealthy thought patterns. Some just don’t know the opportunity exists. If you are here reading this right now odds are good that you know the opportunity exists—but you haven’t taken full advantage. Why not?

I think many of us have what I call a healing disorder. From the time we perceive separation as a small child we begin to put in place certain strategies designed to keep us safe. We develop additional strategies as we grow based on the belief systems we adopt from family, teachers and peer groups. By the time we’re adults, most of these strategies are no longer useful to us. Often, they are actually harmful. Yet we cling to them, refusing to recognize that these reliable tools of the past have become the roadblocks that keep us from creating a satisfying life in the present. Think of any habits you have that you would like to release. Why is it so difficult? Because somewhere deep inside part of us finds that habit necessary for our safety. So as certain parts of us continue to grow and evolve, inevitably there are parts that refuse, resulting in programs that run in our subconscious mind we may not even know are there. We make progress but maybe not at the rate we would like.

How do we bring these parts of ourselves around? How do we heal this healing disorder? The answer is absolute acceptance of where we are RIGHT NOW, and a commitment to working with rather than against that energy. We bring everything into our experience, so it is up to us to take full responsibility for what shows up, and if it does not serve us, take the steps to let it go.

I see it in others, and in myself, all the time. The resistance to heal. The resistance to let go. It makes healing a tricky business. When we look to the therapy to heal us, we soon become disappointed that “it” is not working. That is because the “it” we are looking for is outside of us. For example, a certain place doesn’t give you a panic attack. Your reaction to your perception of the place causes you to panic. Our perceptions, feelings and beliefs dictate our vibration and therefore what shows up in our lives. That means we are responsible for it—like it or not all of it. When we take responsibility we heal from the inside out—it is really the only way to go!

Note of caution: Don’t let responsibility turn into blame. You are not to blame! But you are the only one responsible. So move through this process with compassion, and remember that compassion begins at home! Don’t be afraid to find a little humor in the process as well—just because we are taking responsibility doesn’t mean we have to be super serious. Light heartedness and compassion are the keys, as well as plenty of full on makes your face hurt laughter!

Laughter and Joy are the keys to success

When you feel good, good things start showing up in your life.  Abraham-Hicks tells us,

If your could make a decision to never allow negative emotion to linger within you—and at the same time acknowledge that it is your work alone to refocus your attention in order to feel better rather than asking someone else to do something different or for some circumstance to change to make you feel better—you will not only be a very healthy person, but you will be a joyful person.  Joy, appreciation, love and health are all synonymous.

Keeping a sense of humor, even in the most trying of times in life, will help you maintain balance and allow solutions and help to arrive.  Again, it’s a choice—and certainly not the easiest one to make sometimes.  There are times when we want to wallow, self pity, be angry, place blame or just feel sad.  Remember, we are human!  But we can choose to stay there for shorter and shorter periods of time.  It is a process, and awareness of where we are emotionally is the first step.

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