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Good Thing I Don’t Take Offense Easily

I got a lovely email today from my friend  Frankly, with the subject line, I can’t even believe it made it past the spam filter. Reading it was like a total assault to the senses—visually seeing the words, and then hearing them in my head. I get plenty of junk, but this email takes […]

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Turning Fifty: The Real Story

Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m turning fifty.  I remember when my parents turned fifty—it seemed so old.  What have I done with my life?  It’s all downhill from here. Nope, not going there, not even a little bit. Although I understand that age is really irrelevant, often when a new decade begins we […]

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You are What You Think, Not What You Eat

Hi, my name is Gwen, and I am a recovering chronic dieter. I have spent most of my life losing “the weight” only to gain back more, going from being a skinny kid just out of elementary school to clinically obese in my early forties. And as if gaining all that weight while spending most […]

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Oh My God, I’m Going to Look Like SUCH an Idiot!

Last weekend I went to a fabulous yoga and meditation retreat with a group of cool, like-minded people. There were teachers, healers, and musicians sharing their gifts.  We did a bunch of yoga and meditation, walked the beautiful property in 60-degree weather (in February in New England), and enjoyed good food, fires, and a lot […]

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Dieting Can Rob You of More Than Just Nutrition

Years ago, I had no interest in proper nutrition or fueling my body for good health. I didn’t care how different foods made me feel, and I especially didn’t worry about ingesting boatloads of artificial ingredients. I only cared about being thin. I only cared about getting the weight off (one more time). I hated […]

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Don’t Let Your Mind Become a Trump Twitter Feed

The other day I went to yoga—my nice, peaceful sanctuary.  After sitting and centering for a few minutes I took off my socks to begin the practice. That one swift movement turned my peaceful sanctuary into something resembling a Trump twitter feed.  Wow, my pedicure looks like hell … no actually my feet look like […]

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How Embracing Your Inner Fool Can Change Your Life

I have always had a silly (or some might say stupid) sense of humor.  I can find the funny in just about any situation, especially if it is a challenging circumstance in my life—it’s how I get through them. When something not pleasing is happening, a good question to ask is, what’s the gift in […]

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Don’t Walk Into 2017 with a Blank Stare and an Empty Cart

I went out to finish my Christmas shopping last Sunday. I like to think I am an intelligent person, and then I do something like that. It was pouring, pelting, teaming rain and … IT WAS THE SUNDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. I work at home.  I live a few blocks from downtown.  I can go shopping […]

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There’s No Place Like What? for the Holidays

The last few years I have written three installments of, There’s No Place Like Hell for the Holidays.  As I was considering writing part four I thought, these posts are about having more harmonious holidays … why am I starting out in hell? Every time I write these posts I get that song stuck in […]

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Who’s the Real Fool Here?

I awoke at 3 AM in the living room chair, an unfinished glass of wine next to me, the television still on.  What I saw was shocking—Donald Trump giving what seemed to be a victory speech.  On the bottom of the screen some untallied states still scrolled by.  I did not want to know anything […]

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