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When Your Assistant Moves on (AKA When Your Pet Dies)

It is with sadness in my heart that I tell you the The Assistant has moved on to a much greater assignment. Many of you got to know her as she randomly showed up on the blog or on facebook. She was always ready to assist, manning the phones, returning emails, or sometimes just taking […]

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You Left the House Looking Like That?

There is a full-length mirror on the back of the door to my bedroom.  It’s partially obstructed so I don’t use it much, but every time I take a quick glance to see if I am presentable to leave the house (not working in an office around people, sometimes you need to check) I feel […]

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Good Thing I Don’t Take Offense Easily

I got a lovely email today from my friend  Frankly, with the subject line, I can’t even believe it made it past the spam filter. Reading it was like a total assault to the senses—visually seeing the words, and then hearing them in my head. I get plenty of junk, but this email takes […]

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Turning Fifty: The Real Story

Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m turning fifty.  I remember when my parents turned fifty—it seemed so old.  What have I done with my life?  It’s all downhill from here. Nope, not going there, not even a little bit. Although I understand that age is really irrelevant, often when a new decade begins we […]

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You are What You Think, Not What You Eat

Hi, my name is Gwen, and I am a recovering chronic dieter. I have spent most of my life losing “the weight” only to gain back more, going from being a skinny kid just out of elementary school to clinically obese in my early forties. And as if gaining all that weight while spending most […]

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Oh My God, I’m Going to Look Like SUCH an Idiot!

Last weekend I went to a fabulous yoga and meditation retreat with a group of cool, like-minded people. There were teachers, healers, and musicians sharing their gifts.  We did a bunch of yoga and meditation, walked the beautiful property in 60-degree weather (in February in New England), and enjoyed good food, fires, and a lot […]

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Dieting Can Rob You of More Than Just Nutrition

Years ago, I had no interest in proper nutrition or fueling my body for good health. I didn’t care how different foods made me feel, and I especially didn’t worry about ingesting boatloads of artificial ingredients. I only cared about being thin. I only cared about getting the weight off (one more time). I hated […]

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Don’t Let Your Mind Become a Trump Twitter Feed

The other day I went to yoga—my nice, peaceful sanctuary.  After sitting and centering for a few minutes I took off my socks to begin the practice. That one swift movement turned my peaceful sanctuary into something resembling a Trump twitter feed.  Wow, my pedicure looks like hell … no actually my feet look like […]

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How Embracing Your Inner Fool Can Change Your Life

I have always had a silly (or some might say stupid) sense of humor.  I can find the funny in just about any situation, especially if it is a challenging circumstance in my life—it’s how I get through them. When something not pleasing is happening, a good question to ask is, what’s the gift in […]

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Don’t Walk Into 2017 with a Blank Stare and an Empty Cart

I went out to finish my Christmas shopping last Sunday. I like to think I am an intelligent person, and then I do something like that. It was pouring, pelting, teaming rain and … IT WAS THE SUNDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. I work at home.  I live a few blocks from downtown.  I can go shopping […]

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