Be Like a Tree

My friend said such a great profound thing the other day when we were doing a short hike at the Flume Gorge in New Hampshire. We were marveling at these trees that were perched on top of boulders and then the roots found their way around the boulder and into the ground. I have never seen anything like it. And then she simply said, “They accept the conditions”.

They accept the conditions—I love that! A tree doesn’t stand there and get pissed off that it has to grow around this huge boulder. F#*k, how the hell am I going to deal with this? I can’t grow here. I don’t know how. This sucks. I should just give up; I can’t handle this. I blame my parents!

No, it grows despite the conditions. It accepts where it is and adjusts. Imagine if we could all do that?

How much of our lives do we spend resisting what is? How much energy do we expend bitching about what is going on at our workplace, in our relationships, or with our body? And where does all this resisting and complaining get us? I will venture a guess….NOWHERE??

This is a good point to ponder. Why do we, as humans, spend a good majority of our time involved in activities that get us nowhere? Discuss amongst yourselves…

Well, because we have this great gift of being able to think about things….and think about things we do!! I am a huge offender of this thinking thing. I like to look at a situation or something that is happening in my life and then analyze the crap out of it. Especially if that something is not happening exactly the way I want it to. That certainly must be worth hours of analysis and discussion right?

WRONG! Bzzzzzz—incorrect answer!! All that does is make me start spinning on how things are not happening the way I want—it does nothing to change the situation. I am much better off when I  accept the conditions and then act accordingly from there.

I’m sure very few of you out there have ever experienced anything like this. Ha! The truth is it’s a rampant condition among humans. We like to live in the past—regretting or trying to refigure how we did something, and in the future—worrying about how things are going to play out…usually based on how we think things were in the past.

Yuck! When I spell it out here it sounds horrible. You know why?—because it is!! I’ve got news for you, and believe me I am talking to myself as well—all we really have is right now. All the rest—our past and future imagined lives—are not happening right now. What’s happening is we are actually missing what is happening by trying to figure out what we did to make our lives this way and what we will do about it at some later date.

No rocket science—I haven’t come up with a brand new concept here…if only I was the one to think this up! Just a reminder because even though we all know the most meaningful way to live is to stay present in the moment, we seem to forget from time to time. We also tend to forget that resisting what is and putting all of our focus there just brings about more of the same—you know, that thoughts become things idea.

I talk to clients who want to experience weight loss about this all the time. It is a key factor—in order to lose weight you have to accept the weight you are starting at. No more lamenting, resisting, and saying horrible things to yourself—that only brings more of the same…being overweight. It took me some time to figure that out, and when I did it changed my life.

So I leave you with this. Be like a tree—accept the conditions.

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