Can’t We All Just Get Along?


I just got back from a lovely vacation in the Dominican Republic for my great friend Deb’s 60th birthday party. She decided she wanted to be away on her birthday and she just threw it out to her friends and family—this is where I am going. Anyone want to come?

If you have ever tried to organize a group of people to do something then you probably know how hellish it can be. Dealing with everyone’s schedules and preferences can be maddening. So what happened in this case is nothing short of a miracle. Ten people said yes to Deb’s offer and we all hauled our asses to Punta Cana. And then we simply had FUN.

One of the interesting things to me was that we were a diverse group from different pockets of Deb’s life. It’s not like we were a group of friends who already hung around a lot together. We didn’t all know each other well—we all just had a connection to Deb, and how the week went was a testament to her.

Turns out we all got along great and had tons of laughs. And as much as there was the space to do your own things and get away from the group we all stayed together a lot of the time. It was a natural fit. There was no uncomfortableness—just easy, breezy plop yourself down and crack up with the person next to you or read your book. Maybe take water aerobics in the sea because that is funny. And do what you need to do as Karen did who is training for the Boston Marathon. She sometimes had to go to bed earlier than some of us because she had to train in the morning—although we missed her dancing after she left no one cared that she was doing her thing and tried to entice her to stay. And she didn’t care that some wanted to stay and have another cocktail. No big deal.

Deb and I did some meditation on the beach which was incredibly wonderful. Although we wanted to force Michele into it for her own good we didn’t. We ran a couple of times around the resort as Karen and some other guy flew past us. We played tennis one day and Phil and Karen compassionately instructed me (as I kept hitting the ball into the next court). We enjoyed some good music. We sang. We danced. We enjoyed beautiful weather. We enjoyed the ocean and the pool. We enjoyed the topless wonderfully breasted women dancing around at the villa on the corner of the beach and pool (this happened every day around mid day—we never figured out what was going on but there was some speculation…and men and women alike couldn’t seem to look away). We enjoyed each other. We just had a good time. This really does attest to the fact that as humans we all share a oneness, a common bond between uncommon people.

I feel grateful. Grateful that Deb threw out this awesome invitation. Grateful that such a great group of people responded. And grateful that we all just got along so well and enjoyed each other’s company. What a special gift. Thanks Deb.

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