Careful Not to get Your Ass Stuck in that Crevasse

I love being reminded by the Universe that it is always there to help, guide, support and take care of me. I got a fantastic reminder of this on Friday when I took a hike with my friend Cathy. Cathy has recently been getting back into hiking after some years away from it and the little bit of hiking I did was many years ago so suffice it to say we are both beginners. Then we can throw in a couple of handicaps—Cathy has an ankle/foot injury so it can be difficult for her to push off and/or bend her ankle in certain ways, and I have a pretty good fear of heights that interestingly enough I have not done any tapping on probably because my mind believes that fear of heights is a really smart one to have so I don’t go flying off a ledge and die. We have done a few shorter hikes without incident. Cathy asked me if I wanted to climb Mt Monadnock and I said sure without reading up on it at all. We drove on up to Jaffrey, NH neither one of us really knowing what to expect—turns out sometimes ignorance is bliss…or just plain stupid, I don’t know.

Perhaps many of you reading this have hiked Mt Monadnock—it is said to be one of the most frequently climbed mountains in the world. I don’t really know how to describe it–someone on the trail told us it was ranked as “easy” but seemed a little puzzled by that. After the fact when googling around I have seen it ranked as moderate to moderate/difficult. As I said I didn’t read up on it much before we went. I did become a little concerned when I told my trainer and he said there’s a lot more climbing on rock than there is on Mt Major (the last hike we did). I said, oh, is it hard? Will I be scared? He just gave me a kind of I don’t know shrug. I decided I shouldn’t think about it too much.

So off we went, the blind leading the blind. We started the hike with this big group of college kids who were on some sort of field trip. At first I thought this was a total drag but listening to their comments turned out to be a good source of entertainment for the beginning of our trek. My favorite was when one kid simply said, this is a trip to be missed. A lot of them weren’t really finding the fun in hiking I guess, but they kept us laughing. This group turned out to be the first of the gifts the Universe had in store for us.

The climb started to get fairly steep but no big deal—we were going along just fine. It didn’t seem like it was too long into the hike before we started coming upon huge fairly steep rock faces. OK, I wasn’t really digging it at first but I decided to just put my hands down and walk like spiderman when upright felt too much like I might go flying off the face of the earth (I guess this is called scrambling—I like spiderman) . There were a few places that were big steps up that Cathy had trouble with because of her ankle so I gave her a hand and pulled her up. There were a few places that I really wasn’t digging due to my fear of falling off a ledge issue and Cathy encouraged me powering on without fear herself and got me through. We were a good team! But then we got to a spot were our two man team was not enough.

It was a super steep rock face with these two little crevasses on the side and seemingly nowhere to get a foot hold and no way to see what it would be like after you got over it. Many of you might just go bounding up this but to me it looked insurmountable. My mild not digging this sensation I had in a few spots turned into f%#k, I can’t do this. Cathy was concerned about the footing but seemed a little more optimistic than I. We stood there contemplating while the Universe conspired on our behalf. A group of people showed up, one of which was a woman who was an experienced hiker and had done this trail before. They were a fun and funny group–we had gone by them while they were taking a break earlier. She began instructing her friends and us on how to get over. A guy who wasn’t totally loving being on this hike but had a good sense of humor about it, and was a little heavy set went first. She said something like, get your foot really high up and then propel yourself up and grab on to the second crevasse and sit your ass in the first one. Then pull yourself up and over. He began to try and do this (while she secretly started taking a video of it haha) and his response was, I don’t normally spread my legs this wide. With a few false starts he then proceeded to tell us several other things that were happening which he doesn’t normally do and was finally able to lumber himself up and over. This gave us some hope. The rest of them got up and then encouraged us from above. Cathy made it up, and then finally so did I albeit lobbing f-bombs the entire time.

Our new friends also told us we were close to the top so we were now super encouraged. We kept going for a bit and got to a place where we thought, this is it! Then we looked up to this huge expanse of rock and the tiny people standing on the summit. More cuss words ensued and then we continued. We decided we would make it as far as we could and if we got stuck we would turn around. Of course we both knew we would be disappointed if we didn’t make it after all we had done already.

We pressed on and got to a point that we were stuck again this time at the mid point of yet another steep rock face, both of us just kind of hanging on and trying to figure out which way to go for the best footing. Once again angels from the Universe appeared—a group on a work outing. Are you guys OK?, one man asked. Are you heading up or down? Apparently it wasn’t clear with our paralysis and bewilderment. Then another guy in the group just kindly started directing us—come over this way…hang on to this ledge….traverse your way up. He went ahead of us and then stopped to give us a hand up if the footing was tricky or frightening. They stayed with us to the summit watching out for us the rest of the way. So kind and generous, such a wonderful connection between strangers—people we didn’t even know had our backs.

There were also several other people we met along the way we had brief conversations with and who offered us words of advice or encouragement. We saw our other group of friends at the summit and they gave us a big shout out and were happy to see that we had made it to the top. Such amazing people we were so fortunate to be able to connect with for a little bit of time and space. I felt such support from Cathy and our divine guides we met along the way. We wouldn’t have made it to the top if it wasn’t for them and for each other.

We made it back down which was challenging in its own right but thankfully we took a different trail so we didn’t have to come back down the ass crevasse (what we lovingly named the most frightening part). When we finally got back to the car we were feeling quite pleased with our accomplishment, but more so we were struck at how the right people suddenly “showed up” when we needed them. Being inexperienced hikers there were many places where we were certainly out of our element. But just when we started thinking we had reached a place where we couldn’t go any farther we got the help we needed. And seemingly out of nowhere.

I know and understand logically the Law of Attraction. I know and understand logically how the Universe works and how we manifest things into our lives. But when I see it play out before me on a day like this day I am still amazed and awed. It reminds me that I am always taken care of no matter what the circumstance, that I am truly loved no matter what is going on, and that I will always be OK. Wow, what a great way to feel.


Thanks to Cathy for the great photo!!

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  1. sarah July 7, 2013 at 10:29 am #

    I LOVE MONAD! Me and my friend made t-shirts a long time ago that read “Strap on some gonads, and go hike the Mo-nad.” I LOVE YOU! ASS CREVASSE COMBO! ahhhh hahaa. :)

    • Gwen
      Gwen July 7, 2013 at 5:19 pm #


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