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The Day I Should Have Decided to Look for a Large Bag of Cash

This past weekend we had an unseasonably mild day here in Newburyport, so my friend and I decided to head out to Plum Island and take a walk on the beach. As we were driving the few minutes to get there I said to Deb, “Maybe we’ll see a snowy owl!” half joking because although […]

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Dieting and the Law of Attraction–Why Diets Fail and What You Can Do

The new year is upon us, a time where many get out their trusty notebooks and wistfully list those resolutions. Once upon a time I was the girl who listed year after year the new diet I was going to go on, expectantly thinking about how it was going to change my life.  Not like […]

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Don’t Let Your Healthy Eating Style Turn into a Diet

Five years ago, I embarked on a journey.  Well, I say embarked but it was more like falling into a journey.  Nevertheless, it truly changed my life in amazing ways. After dieting myself from a skinny kid just out of elementary school to clinically obese in my early forties, I finally realized that chronic dieting […]

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Evolution of the Anti-Diet–Stop the Insanity

I think we have all heard the saying, “What’s the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” That was my relationship with dieting.  I would go on a diet, lose some weight, and then start gaining it back before I even got to my goal, plus a little […]

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In a Time of Crisis, Self Care is Not a Luxury, It’s a Must

Often in life, things do not turn out as we planned.  A loved one dies way too soon, a job is lost, we get divorced.  These are things that no one plans on, no one wants, but unfortunately, they happen more often than we are aware. What happens when our lives get turned upside down […]

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Mindset is the Magic When It Comes to Weight Loss and Health

Many people long for a magic solution when looking to make changes with their weight or health.  They yearn for the miracle diet that will quickly shed the pounds, or give them the energy they seem to be lacking.  It must be out there somewhere, right? For so many years I was that person, desperately seeking […]

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When Your Assistant Moves on (AKA When Your Pet Dies)

It is with sadness in my heart that I tell you the The Assistant has moved on to a much greater assignment. Many of you got to know her as she randomly showed up on the blog or on facebook. She was always ready to assist, manning the phones, returning emails, or sometimes just taking […]

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You Left the House Looking Like That?

There is a full-length mirror on the back of the door to my bedroom.  It’s partially obstructed so I don’t use it much, but every time I take a quick glance to see if I am presentable to leave the house (not working in an office around people, sometimes you need to check) I feel […]

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Good Thing I Don’t Take Offense Easily

I got a lovely email today from my friend  Frankly, with the subject line, I can’t even believe it made it past the spam filter. Reading it was like a total assault to the senses—visually seeing the words, and then hearing them in my head. I get plenty of junk, but this email takes […]

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Turning Fifty: The Real Story

Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m turning fifty.  I remember when my parents turned fifty—it seemed so old.  What have I done with my life?  It’s all downhill from here. Nope, not going there, not even a little bit. Although I understand that age is really irrelevant, often when a new decade begins we […]

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