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How to Become Unstuckable

I’ve been stuck a lot of times in my life. My solution when I felt stuck was to find an inspiring book to read.  That usually helped with inspiration, as it was supposed to be an inspiring book, but not so much with actual change.  My solution, when I was feeling extra stuck, was to […]

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There’s No Place Like Hell for the Holidays 3

I cancelled Christmas this year. That’s right—sorry everyone, it’s not happening. Alright, that’s not really true.  But what I did do, was get in touch with all my friends who I exchange Christmas gifts with, to ask them if we could stop.  Not just this year, but forevermore. OK, don’t get all Whoville on me—it’s […]

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The Arsenal of Mean Things to Say

I haven’t been exercising much lately, and I use the word much lightly.  I finally decided this morning to bite the bullet and at least get out for a walk. As I was walking along it was apparent that things were not as tight as they were just a month ago.  It was also apparent […]

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You Have No Taste

Ok, people might say that to me about my fashion choices.  But what I am talking about here is our sense of taste. I think many of us have lost our sense of taste, especially when it comes to sweet, because we have been hijacked by artificial sweeteners! Diet food products, once my friend as […]

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Fat Sick and Feeling Dead Inside?

As I wrote about in my post How An Unlikely Combination Changed My Day, I often check google analytics to see what keywords people are googling to get to my site.  I should be doing this to strategize on my search engine optimization plan, but really I do it because it often cracks me up. […]

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I Am Impossible

It is hard for me to believe it was two years ago that I started my Impossible Ones challenge to juice fast for 30 days while training for and then running a 5 mile race.  I did this to raise money for Pencils of Promise as part of Joel Runyon’s team (Impossible HQ). I have […]

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The Heartbreak of Yo-Yo Dieting

The very last diet I went on was after my Mom died suddenly. After going through the whole funeral process devastated and quietly feeling horrified that I had to greet hoards of people I didn’t know and old dear friends at my heaviest, it was time to give it a go once again. My friend […]

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Beliefs About Weight Loss Debunked

My meditation teacher said an awesome thing the other night.  I am paraphrasing because I can’t remember exactly how he put it but basically, when awareness comes through we realize we don’t have to believe the thoughts in our head or what anyone else is saying. All I have to do is sit here right […]

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Quitting Smoking AND Losing Weight?! Oh My!

I never thought I could drive my car without smoking a cigarette.  Then I got a new car. I never thought I could talk on the phone without smoking a cigarette.  Then I moved. Yes, I used to smoke.  I have never talked about it here because I was too embarrassed to admit it. Then […]

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How Do You Find the Joy When Nothing’s Going On?

There is no vacation on the horizon. Work is just chugging along as usual. There is no special someone….or the same special someone who’s not feeling so special right now. There seems to be nothing to look forward to. And what does that last statement tell us?  That we are not living in the moment—we […]

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