Day 28!

Wow—I must say this month has gone by really fast. I cannot believe it is already September 28th—tomorrow the 29th is the 5 mile race, and Sunday will be the last day of my 30 day juice fast. Solely getting my sustenance from fresh vegetable and fruit juice, I thought perhaps the month would drag on with me having constant day dreams of going to Glenn’s Restaurant and Cool Bar (my favorite!), ordering a Grüner and perhaps an exquisitely prepared salmon dish….or of going to a friend’s house for dinner…..or of having sushi. Ok, that has been my one craving as the weeks went on—sushi! Other than that the juice has pretty much been taking care of things. As for my social life, I haven’t lost my mind yet but I am looking forward to a social occasion that involves cocktails and apps rather than walking and tea…..not that there is anything wrong with that!

The juice fast has been an incredible experience for me, but not necessarily in the way I thought it would be. First, with all my zeal about juicing and spouting off on it any chance I get, I felt I would be remise not to try out a prolonged juice fast and see how it worked out. Of course my knowledge is purely based on how it was for me as everyone is going to have a different experience. But I felt that having the experience would be important. This leads to my second point—my expectations of how the juice fast would be were based on things I had read and listened to about other people’s experiences. I started to become dispirited when I had some low moments, as I mentioned in my last post, and when I wasn’t experiencing the boundless energy and intense spiritual connection and clarity I had read about and was hoping for. Frankly, even coming into week four I was still feeling tired and sometimes a little foggy.

I headed back to the Revitalive Café to see if there was something wrong with me (hee, hee just kidding Andy Dooley, who assures me, “There is nothing wrong with you!”). But truly, I was wondering why I wasn’t having the experience I was anticipating. I mentioned that I was still feeling quite tired and Kristen told me that I was still cleansing, that this was quite normal. She said, in essence, think about how long it took you to get to the state you were in. It’s going to take longer than 2 weeks or a month to clear that out.

Well, that makes sense! Did I mention I can be a little dense? Growing up fortunately we had dinner on the table every night, but we ate a lot of boxed and canned stuff, along with sugar laden breakfast cereals and chemical filled snack cakes at lunch. Then when I think about the aforementioned cocktails, and other unmentionable things I may have ingested, it does stand to reason that it’s going to take longer than a month to clear out toxic residue. And that’s ok. In fact it is more than ok—it is awesome to be in the process of clearing out what no longer (or ever!) serves me, on a physical and emotional level.

But more than realizing my somewhat dense nature at times, this juice fast has shown me, among many other things, that my experience is my own. It is not going to be exactly like anyone else’s, nor should it be. Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s emotional body is different. Everyone is in a different place in life. Positive expectations are powerful and important, but having expectations based on someone else’s experience caused me to miss for awhile the amazing things that were happening in my experience. In looking for the crystal clarity I was overlooking this wonderful calm that has come over me. In looking for boundless energy I was missing the fact that I have been able to start running, which is something I have wanted to do for the last 10 years but couldn’t muster up the energy to start. And I started to overlook all the wonderful things that have happened as a result of juicing even before I started fasting—the weight loss, my much healthier looking skin, getting off stomach medication and having no stomach pain or reflux, and I was forgetting HAVING MUCH MORE ENERGY!

So in light of the experience that I had, do I think everyone needs to do a thirty day juice fast to start on the path of clearing out stored toxins and better health? No, I don’t at all. I am glad to have done it, but it will not fit into everyone’s lifestyle and I don’t think 30 days or longer of just juice is a necessity to get on the right track. The three day cleanse, which involved juice and some raw vegan food, reset my system like nobody’s business! I highly recommend giving that a go. After that I just kept flooding my body with nutrient dense juice, while making more nutritious food choices. This was easy because getting the proper nutrients wipes out cravings for junk and sugary, processed foods. It puts you in a place where you can actually tell what your body wants to eat. That is a tremendous place to be!

Did I have the occasional piece of birthday cake, lobster mac and cheese, cocktail or glass of wine? Yes! Will I do that going forward? Yes again! Being nourished on a cellular level, I can handle these things without triggering a chain of not so nutritious food choices. Will that be the case for you? Only you will know that. Remember the moral of the story? Everyone’s experience will be different, dare I say especially with eating! But I will say something that I feel I know for sure—if you add in the juice (or eat LOTS of raw fruits and vegetables), or do a 3 day cleanse if you can, you will be getting nutrition that you need that you may not be getting now, and you will feel better. And feeling better leads to lots of great things!

Well if you made it to here, thanks for getting through this long post and for joining me on my juice fasting journey! Of course I will continue to post on the juice, and I will post on how the run goes—I have successfully made it to two and ½ miles running, the rest walking this past month. I am going to give it my all tomorrow, and with the energy of a large group of people racing I hope to slowly run my way through the 5 miles. Please send me good running vibes!!

Also, there is still plenty of time to help me raise money for Pencils of Promise to build their next school in Guatemala!! Here’s the link


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  1. Tim C Stone September 28, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    Gwen!! Loved reading this….and I feel like i want to do the three day cleanse. Where do I find the directions for such a thing. I’m from California as you know…and I can’t believe that I haven’t done this yet.
    Love you and cant wait to see you,

    • Gwen
      Gwen October 2, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

      Tim! Thanks!!–I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I think doing a three day cleanse would be fantastic for you!!! I did my first clease through a raw food and juice cafe we have here in Newburyport–they supplied four fresh juices a day along with a small cleansing salad, a vegan soup and kale chips for a snack. When I see you let’s talk about how you can put this together for yourself–yea! See you soon xoxo

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