Dieting and the Law of Attraction–Why Diets Fail and What You Can Do

The new year is upon us, a time where many get out their trusty notebooks and wistfully list those resolutions.

Once upon a time I was the girl who listed year after year the new diet I was going to go on, expectantly thinking about how it was going to change my life.  Not like last year when it didn’t work out so well … over and over again.  Not like all those years before that landed me however overweight I happened to be starting out.  It’s going to be different this time.  I’m going to stick to this diet no matter what!

If I had paid attention to those two little thoughts I might have seen the writing on the wall.  Sure, go ahead and do the same thing you do every year and expect different results.  Go on that restrictive diet that you will hate within a week, or maybe a day, but I’m sure this time you will stick to it.  Give it the old college try—see how it goes.

If I was aware I would have seen exactly how it was going to go.  I would go on the diet, force some weight off, be happy for a second that I got some results, be miserable trying to “stick to” the diet, go off the diet, start gaining weight, and gain back more than I lost.

Dieting is a completely fear based activity.

We “go on” the diet desperate to lose weight, then we “go off” the diet because we are starving all the time and sick of obsessing over every calorie, more fear and anxiety creeps in as we gain weight, and from this heightened fearful place we find another diet to go on.

As I look back on my life I can see that this cycle happened over and over and …

Diets don’t work.  Why?  Because when we diet we are operating out of the very low vibration of fear, and we are focusing on weight loss at any cost, rather than on health and well-being.

We think we will feel good after we lose the weight, but in the meantime we feel awful about ourselves because of our perceived overweight, and miserable because of the diet we are currently on.  We have it backwards.  We have to feel good first, fully accepting wherever we are starting from, and then take inspired action from that high vibrational space.

So what can you do?

With your focus on health and well-being, with your focus on feeling good, operating from the vibration of lookingSalad forward to the positive changes to come, start experimenting with whole foods to find a healthy way of eating that you enjoy, and that works best for your unique body.

Let me stress, this is not another diet you are going to go on and go off.  It is not someone else telling you what to eat.  It is you, listening to your inner voice, heeding the signals from your body, and discovering a healthy way of eating that feels good physically and emotionally for you.

This becomes your baseline; it becomes how you generally eat because it makes you feel good.  And from that good feeling place, any changes you wish to make with your weight or health will start to happen naturally, because that is the energy you are offering and drawing back to you.

This year leave the fear based diets behind, and start out the new year in a new empowering way!

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