Don’t Let Your Mind Become a Trump Twitter Feed

The other day I went to yoga—my nice, peaceful sanctuary.  After sitting and centering for a few minutes I took off my socks to begin the practice.

That one swift movement turned my peaceful sanctuary into something resembling a Trump twitter feed.  Wow, my pedicure looks like hell … no actually my feet look like hell.  I think that bunion has gotten bigger—yuck.  Have my feet gotten bigger?!?  They look huge.  I should just slap on a pair of clown shoes—men’s clown shoes at that.

With all the work I have done around changing negative thoughts and beliefs about my body, specifically weight related, all it took was one glance to get me going on a hateful rant towards my feet.

My feet, for God’s sake.  The feet that carry me around.  The feet that allow me to walk, run, skip, do yoga.  The feet that bear the weight of my world.  How dare I have one bad thing to say about them, let alone a litany?

And why was I going down that road?  Because I didn’t think they looked pretty.  They weren’t dainty or cute like some other women’s feet.

If someone else had made those comments about my feet … or tweeted them … I would say, “What an asshole.”  Who’s the asshole now?

I am writing this post mostly to remind myself, and maybe a few of you could use this reminder as well:  If I want to see kindness in the world, I must show it to myself first.

We certainly are living in, let’s just call it, an interesting time, right now.  And as we continue to stand up for the values we cherish, and for how we want to be regarded and treated by others, we must be mindful of our own internal chatter.

Take a minute and reflect on how often you think kind thoughts about yourself.  Are you more inclined to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, or to pick on yourself for what you perceived went wrong.  How often do you look in the mirror and think loving thoughts about the reflection that stares back at you?  Or do you laser in on that think that looks like a zit but never seems to go away—I hate that weird thing.

As we see repeatedly, we cannot control what other people say or do.  But you know what we can control?  Our own thoughts, words, and actions.

The most important thing we can do right now to make the world a better place, is to make our internal world a better place.  A place where there is no foot bashing.  A place where no one points out that thing on your face that might be a zit, yet it never goes away.  A place where you always get a pat on the back and a chuck under the chin.


As our internal world becomes peaceful we will see that reflected back to us.

So, if you feel at a loss as to what you can do to make a difference in the world, start here.  Be diligent with your thoughts and words about yourself, and see how things really do change one person at a time.

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2 Responses to Don’t Let Your Mind Become a Trump Twitter Feed

  1. Sarah Jane November 11, 2017 at 2:49 am #

    I LOVE YOU AND THIS. Just read aloud to my best friend and roomate and the LOVE IS SPREADING <3 THANK YOU!!!

    • Gwen
      Gwen November 14, 2017 at 5:04 pm #

      Thanks Sar! <3 <3 <3

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