Stop Seeking and Start Living–5 Steps to Making Lasting Change

Stop Seeking and Start Living is your ultimate guide on how to start living the life of SSSL 3D image protrait 400pxyour dreams.

Are you stuck in a job you can’t stand, in an unhealthy relationship, or unhappy about your current state of health and appearance? Do you read all the self help books and attend tons of seminars only to find that nothing seems to stick? If so, STOP! Look no further. This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to make the big changes in your life that you have wanted to make, as well as keep you on track to DO the steps and really make the changes this time.

What is Stop Seeking and Start Living?

This complete guide is a 43 page digital e-guide that solves the problem many people have in their lives—how do I make a lasting change regarding health, weight, career or relationships?

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Here’s what you get:

  • The theme of this e-guide is letting go of resistance and getting on the path of healing the parts of our lives we are unsatisfied with.
  • The science behind how we manifest things into our lives and why we get stuck in unhealthy patterns.
  • Four easy to implement steps that take less than 20 minutes a day to make powerful changes in your life (well, five when you count Actually Do These Steps!).
  • Tons of encouragement to actually take these life changing steps.
  • And BONUS!!–you get a Bob Newhart skit! If that doesn’t keep you on track nothing will.

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What?!?, only seven dollars to change my life in a profound way?  That’s right!  So why wait?  Click the Add to Cart button and let’s get going!

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