Eat Clean to Become Lean

What is one of the biggest challenges many people face? There certainly are a lot of challenges to choose from out there, but one of the biggest sources of heartache, despair and frustration is weight—or more precisely, overweight.

I’ve said this before but it is worth repeating—no one wants to be overweight. Heavy people are not just lazy with a tremendous lack of will power. More often than not these overweight folks have tried everything to lose weight and to their horror the situation just keeps getting worse–I know this from first hand experience.  I love when Jon Gabriel, featured in the documentary Hungry for Change, talks about going to see the famed Dr. Atkins. He says, “All he could do was yell at me for being so fat.” Now there’s a good approach!

The truth is there are so many diet programs and purported solutions to weight loss it is mind boggling. Even more mind boggling, although there are all sorts of claims and even scientific research behind why they do work, most of them don’t. Yes, you may be able to force your body into shedding some pounds with many of these methods. But if you can’t sustain it, it isn’t going to last. And in the meantime, it just might screw your body up good.

But no, this isn’t good—it’s heartbreaking, hellish and sad. So what’s the solution? Well, here’s where to start. Get as much nutrient dense food into your body as you can. Clean things up. Throw out the processed crap—it might be convenient or even taste good, but it’s not doing you any favors. Concentrate on adding whole foods in especially lots of raw leafy green vegetables. Oh, have I mentioned that a great way to get a lot of raw leafy greens and other vegetables into your bod is JUICING?!? Perhaps I have alluded to it once or twice here….but again it bears repeating. Getting that flood of super nutrition from fresh pressed vegetable juices is absolutely one of the best things you can do for yourself to get back on track and start feeling better.

If you are not up for juicing right now (I still don’t get that, but that’s just me :)) then just start adding in more fresh veggies to your usual routine. Making green smoothies is also a great way to get them in. Or throw a big salad on your plate with every meal. Just get them into you. You will start to feel better and it will help diminish cravings for sweets or processed stuff.

Everyone is different and there is no one correct eating style (note I didn’t use the D word). Some people prefer not eating animal products and go the vegan route. Some people feel they need animal protein. Some can’t digest wheat, or dairy. Everyone is different and even individually our eating style varies as we go through life. I am still trying to figure out how I feel the best eating.

So are we going to find the way to eat and that’s it–we must stick to it and never have Annie’s Mac and Cheese again? No, not very likely. But if you can put your focus on nutrient dense whole foods you will be on the right track. Then it is not so detrimental to eat foods that may not be ideal for our bodies. If your focus remains on adding in super healthy foods, the less than ideal choices will start to take care of themselves. And in the process you will suddenly realize you are becoming more lean!!

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  1. sarah February 11, 2013 at 11:01 pm #

    just read your e-guide and tried tapping. wonderful. inspiring in hard times when the mind is filled with blame, guilt, and false beliefs. thank you!!

    • Gwen
      Gwen February 12, 2013 at 7:53 am #

      GREAT Sarah–so glad it was helpful!! Yes–sounds like a lot of false beliefs!! Try to go easy on yourself and let me know if you have questions. xo

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