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So last time we talked a little bit about things (JUICING!!) you might want to take a step toward in the New Year. But I think the real question we need to ask ourselves is how do I want to feel in the New Year.

Setting goals and resolving to get in shape, eat more healthfully, be more organized, get more clients, and to be kind and compassionate towards others, or whatever it is that you may want to do is great. So ask yourself this—if I do all these things, how is it going to make me feel? The key to achieving your goals and keeping your New Year’s resolutions if you make them is this—you have to feel the feeling first of what it will be like when the goal is accomplished. As the very wise Andy Dooley says, “Feeling first, manifestation second.”

Have you really thought about the feeling of what you want? If not take a minute right now and check it out. Take for example if you want to get more clients for your business. How will that feel—having more clients? What story would I tell to feel the feeling and get into alignment with having more clients? Wow, it’s hard to believe looking back to when I just got my first client and I was so excited. Now I have so many I had to start a waiting list. They literally are coming out of nowhere—just falling in my lap! I am talking to several clients a day and they are all having great success with their goals. It is so exciting to watch how it all unfolds for them. I love what I do. My life is fantastic!

Conversely, you can see if you keep up with a vibration of lack, oh my God why haven’t I gotten any clients yet?? I’m trying to start a business here. I have been doing everything I should—advertising, social media, donating organs…why is this not working for me?? Why?? Nothing ever works out for me, well then the Universe is confused. You say you want clients but your vibration aligns with NOT having clients. So what do you get? No clients—that’s for sure!

Let’s not forget—the Law of Attraction is a Universal law. It is absolutely working in our lives all the time. It’s not just for some people who have all the luck. It doesn’t just work occasionally. It is always conspiring on our behalf. All we really need to do, when you boil it down, is have a better attitude—and then take whatever steps we can. Really, that’s it.

So if you have set some new intentions for 2013, take some time to actively feel the feeling of having or achieving whatever you intended. Really get into it! Rejoice about your victory. Feel appreciation for achieving your goal. Write it down. Tell your friends (ok, supportive friends who get what you are doing so you don’t appear to be nuts). Most important—have FUN with it. Have a great time celebrating your victories and then see what shows up.

Let me know how it goes—leave your comments below!

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