Food is Meant to Nourish, Not Torture

So how was everyone’s Thanksgiving??

Was it a day filled with the warmth of friends and family delighting in a fabulous meal together?

Or was it a day filled with guilt and regret?

If it was the latter, that sucks and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that a day that is supposed to be filled with joy turns into a day from hell because the food that you have labeled as “bad” is all around you thus beginning the awful inner dialog consisting of many ways of telling yourself that you should be good, should behave yourself even though it’s a holiday.

Usually that doesn’t hold up for very long and it turns into, fuck it, I’m going to be bad and eat whatever I want.  (Please excuse the f-bomb, but isn’t that really what you say??)

But the line has already been drawn so after you go into fuck it mode this bad ass rebel feeling quickly turns to guilt. The guilt doesn’t stop you from doing it—it just ruins the whole experience so now you have eaten things you feel like you shouldn’t have and you didn’t enjoy a damn bite of it.

And you know what the icing on the forbidden cake is? Now you can’t digest the probably huge meal you have ingested since you were in f it mode so might as well eat a ton, because you are feeling guilt and regret which stem from fear (another big f) which puts you into a state of fight or flight. When you experiencing that state the last thing on your body’s mind is digestion—its concern is to get you away from the danger. Little does it know the danger you perceive is already inside. It’s like you are now involved in a horror movie—the call is coming from inside the house!!!

Please realize that I write these things not to be some sort of jackass trying to make you feel bad about yourself. I write them because I have experienced this firsthand about 8 million times in my life. And not only did it feel terrible, it also helped keep me overweight. What a double edged whammy that is!!

So my point today is something I have already harped on a lot and will continue on here—if you are going to eat something, no matter what it is you MUST enjoy it. And that all boils down to making peace with food.

Food is truly meant to nourish us. Yes, we have as a nation gotten a little crazy with faux and diet foods purported to be good for us but that really contain little or no nutritional value. But my point here is realizing that we ingest food to nourish ourselves and to get energy and that food is not an evil force out to make us fat. Whatever we eat, we need to come into it from a place of love and not fear.

While this may sound simple and almost Pollyannaish, I can tell you from decades of experience that you will not be able to lose weight and more importantly keep it off if you don’t change who you are as an eater.

As Mike Dooley says, “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!” and I would like to add for anyone who has struggled with weight, especially when it comes to food, diet and body image!!! Remember—it is a choice so CHOOSE THE GOOD ONES!

And as I like to say, “Eat good food; feel good about what you eat!”


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