Food Should Not Be Frightening

I was talking to my trainer today and he was telling me about this woman in her 70’s who was lamenting her relationship with food.


Does it ever end?

Food should not be frightening!!!

But it is…for a lot of people.

Have you ever felt that visceral feeling of anxiety come over you when your weight starts to rise?

Do the words good and bad always flow out of your mouth when you speak of food and what you are eating.

Is food constantly on your mind?  When you can eat?  Will you let yourself eat?  How harshly will you judge yourself when you do eat?

Do you see food as nourishment or a nemesis?

I remember a time being so stressed about food that there was no enjoyment eating it.  I was either eating something I didn’t want to be eating (diet) or something I thought I shouldn’t be eating (off diet).  And in between just generally anxious about trying to lose more weight or about my rising weight.

What a shitty place to live.  Yet there are many people who live here most of their lives.

You know what the fantastic news is??  You don’t have to keep living in this hellhole because you can change what you think and believe!!

I’ve said this before (and it’s becoming apparent that I like to repeat myself!)—you can be eating the healthiest diet on earth but if you don’t change the way you think about food, diet, and yourself even if you lose the weight it will come back.

Diet mentality is just that—being on a diet and being miserable or being off a diet and being frightened of the food you are eating because it is going to make you fat.  Can you see how this is a no win situation?

Even if the diet does work if you are miserable on it chances are you are not going to stay on it for the rest of your life.   And if you believe being off a diet results in weight gain…then it will.

What’s the alternative??  As scary as this may sound the answer is STOP DIETING!  And start looking at food as a way of nourishing your body and being healthy.

When I started focusing on health rather than weight loss that’s when big changes started happening.  I stopped thinking about a short term diet and started thinking about how I wanted to live the rest of my life.  How I wanted to feel.

Before cruise 2

IP Boston 014AND I accepted where I was in the moment.  I stopped saying awful things about myself and to myself.  I have to tell you—this place, even when I was still overweight, was a million times better.  So much so I decided to stay.

I now live in the sanity of a healthy eating plan that I love rather than the insanity of yo-yo dieting.  I now live in a place where I totally enjoy eating and don’t have any regrets about the food I put in my body (EVEN if I choose to eat something outside of my healthy eating plan).  I now live in a place that is kind rather than cruel.

I love this place.  Don’t you want to live here too?

PS  That’s my awesome friend Johnny Aloha (aka Andy Dooley) in the after photo–Boston Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer conference!

PPS  What was I thinking with that flower print top??

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2 Responses to Food Should Not Be Frightening

  1. Kim March 7, 2014 at 11:44 pm #

    Gwen, love it! i share this attitude on food and eating. my thoughts on eating came after i changed my thought process about other parts of my life, making different choices for myself on personal issues. i lost weight sort of by accident. was there an inciting incident that changed your attitude?

    • Gwen
      Gwen March 9, 2014 at 12:05 am #

      Hi Kim–thanks! Yes I think when it finally got through my head that all of my dieting was causing me to gain weight. That started my change in thinking around food and dieting. Then I just got tired of feeling tired and like crap–that is when I finally started looking to better nutrition rather than focusing on weight loss. Like you said it was almost by accident the weight started to drop off. It has been such a liberating journey–would love to hear more of yours!!

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