Forgive…..and Remember?

As I have said on the home page, I love Ho’oponopono. It is so simple and elegant and meaningful. I have also been going back to A Course in Miracles—slowly reading the text and have just re-read Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. I love the correlation between Ho’oponopono and The Course—in forgiveness and love we will find our way back to Source. What could be easier…..or harder?

So as The Course tells us, we are here to remember who we really are—this seemingly real life is just a dream we need to wake up from. Or with Ho’oponopono we need to give up the data, which are our memories replaying, so in a sense give up our world of memories. This news is completely wonderful and completely frightening at the same time. How can everything that seems so real be false? But on the other hand how could The Divine have created that which is not perfect…..and if you haven’t noticed, our world is not perfect! It’s a mind blower to say the least.

When we take 100% responsibility we see that everything that shows up in our seeming reality is there to give us another chance to forgive it, or to clean on it. But the ego, the part of our split mind that believes we are separate from Source, does not want to forgive. It wants to keep the illusion alive….through scaring the crap out of us, and then throwing us a bone. How do we forgive despite the fear of losing the illusion?

The only answer I can come up with right now is practice. Damn! Not always the answer I am looking for. But yes, we just must practice. For instance, I have been feeling pretty good (aside from an illusory flu) but woke up the other day in a bad mood—the, I don’t want to get out of bed, bad mood. A relationship in my life seems to be going awry, and every time I think I have a handle on applying forgiveness to the situation some little thing will set me back off into the ego mind and make me either sad, or angry about it.

So, after having a long talk with a good friend about the situation (where I just go round and round about it) I picked up D of U and I read until I felt better. For me I need a constant reminder about the illusion—that all this stuff I get angry or sad or fearful about is just data or memories replaying. It’s not who I really am. Then I am able to correct as necessary….until the next time.

Once again to quote Dr. Hew Len (and the Nike people), “Just do it”. Keep cleaning and clearing and we’ll all be fine!


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