High Vibe!

So I posted on the facebook recently,

YES! Went out to do errands this morning and my car was totally dead. Called Triple A and did some Ho’oponopono. A guy came out. He tested my battery and said it was inconclusive whether or not it needed to be replaced but based on the voltage (or something like that) he thought for sure that it did, and whatever test he was doing also showed that my alternator was no good. As he recounts all this bad news I continue to do Ho’oponopono. He jump starts it and talks about me bringing it to Sears or someplace to have them test the battery but also says it will probably die after he takes the charger off because of the alternator. I continue to do Ho’oponopono and say, “I don’t want to bring it someplace, I would rather just you fix it.” He says he can go get a battery but if it is the alternator he can’t do anything about it. He takes the charger off and the car continues to run. He was quite surprised by this and then says, “Well probably you just need a new battery—that will be around 160 bucks if I replace it for you.” Oh well I think, I just want to get it resolved. He goes to get the battery and the car continues to run. He comes back and tests again and the battery is totally good as is the alternator. No charge!! I love Ho’oponopono!

I drive my car for a week without further incident—YES! I go to my trainer on Thursday and upon leaving I notice that my car is kind of dirty. I think about how he gives me shit when it gets looking sort of shabby and knowing I have to go pick up my friend who is coming from RI in Lynnfield later I figure I should give it a run through Clipper City Car Wash (my favorite!!).

I do my car wash routine and head home.

I happily do some work and get ready to go pick up Laura and then have a wonderful dinner.

I go to start the car.


Beyond DEAD.

Noooooo!! F#%K!!!!!!!!

Beyond F#%K!!!

I am not reacting well. I am slated to go pick up Laura at the dealership where she is dropping off her car to get work done and then go meet friends for dinner in Ipswich. Laura’s just getting there…I suddenly have no car.

I start to scramble to make other arrangements and call her to see if she can get a loaner.

No go on the loaner.

I’m waiting for the guy.

Then I get a text from Laura, “Enterprise is coming to pick me up!” Ok, at least we will have a car that runs.

Triple A comes and it is the same guy. He jump starts it and says to just let it run but obviously there is something happening when it gets wet—bring it to your mechanic and if you do drive somewhere don’t shut it off. I am grateful we have a rental for the weekend.

Laura is hell bent on keeping our plans so she comes to pick me up. They gave her an Avenger. I don’t know what that is but she is laughing—I quickly find out it is a giant Dodge sedan. Just to put this in perspective—Laura drives a Fiat 500 (tiny) and I drive a little two seater. Suddenly we are cruising around in this giant car—so funny, and kicks off the hilarity of the weekend.

In the meantime, before she gets here I go out to check to make sure my car is still running and it is dead again. You know the expletive. I call my mechanic and again feel grateful Laura got the car.

I decide to just leave it be while she was here and then deal with it the day she is leaving—I forget about it and we proceed to have a blast.

I was hoping it would run long enough after jumping it that I can get it the ½ mile down the street to the shop. I call Triple A (again!!) to get a jump. Laura and I have been having a great two days and I am feeling good. I don’t even think to do Ho’oponopono or anything else.

A new guy shows up. I explain the situation and how it got wet two times. He opens the hood and immediately looks at the battery and tells me I have a loose connection—probably water was getting in there. He whips out his tools, pulls the connections, cleans them out and tightens them up. The car starts without a jump. Done. Fixed. I love Josh from Triple A.

I was so feeling that good vibe, and I was feeling it when he showed up because Laura and I, and friends, had been having such a great time together. I didn’t even need to do Ho’oponopono because my vibration was already high from wonderful time passed with loved ones.


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