How an Unlikely Combination Changed My Day

Do you ever have a day that you are feeling off your game? This doesn’t happen too often for me these days which I am really grateful for, but once in a while I just have a day where I feel kind of losery. Things aren’t happening quickly enough; I’m not as far ahead as I should be blah, blah, blah. As Andy Dooley would say, I get on the bitch train. And sometimes I like to ride around on it for awhile!

One day a couple of weeks ago I was having a short burst of bitch train ridin’, and was looking for something quick to get done before my friend Deb came over for sushi (something that is certain to get me off the bitch train fast!). I decided to check out Google Analytics—I was looking at how many visits I had to my site the day before. I had a few more minutes so I clicked over to Traffic Source to see what key words people are googling to get to my site. Here’s what I found:

1. (not provided) 21 53.85%
2. inner joy 4 10.26%
3. your inner joy 2 5.13%
4. ass combination 1 2.56%
5. hooponopono everything is energy 1 2.56%
6. how do i know what my inner joy is? 1 2.56%
7. how to find inner joy 1 2.56%
8. how to find your inner joy 1 2.56%
9. 1 2.56%
10. i’ve lost a lot of weight juicing twice a day


That’s nice…inner joy, your inner joy, ASS COMBINATION?!?! WHAT???? Oh my God! What the hell?!? Deb shows up a few minutes later and I say you have to see this! We laugh like mental cases about ass combination. We then proceed to have a glass of wine and some amazing sushi and contemplate why I would come up when someone googled ass combination, and frankly why would anyone be googling ass combination?—we decided not to think about that too much.

So after eating, even though I was frightened by the thought of it, I became the person googling ass combination. Lo and behold, at number three:

Meditation and Green Juice–a Kick Ass Combination | Your Inner Joy…‎

Meditation and Green Juice–a Kick Ass Combination. By Gwen on April 5, 2013 in Energy Pyschology, Juicing. A thought occurred to me during meditation the ..

I had forgotten about that blog post! If you are still reading at this point you may be thinking, why is she telling us this? I don’t really know except for the fact that I find it so hilariously funny.

Wait—there is actually a point! Here’s what I learned—you never know what is going to turn your day around. You could be in such a bad mood that you think nothing is going to lift your spirits, and then you see ass combination, and you laugh so hard you are crying. You send it to all your friends so you can make their day as well (luckily most of my friends have the same sense of humor that I do). You get off the bitch train at the closest stop and you walk away from it. All I can think, albeit something that I never thought I would think, thank you Universe for sending me ass combination.

Hopefully most of you have the same sense of humor as I do as well, and you are not scrambling for the unsubscribe button. But keep this lesson in mind if you get into a losery mood for whatever reason…when life hands you an ass combination…damn, I still don’t know how to make a saying out of that—think it’s best to leave it there. Just know that you don’t have to have to stay stuck—it’s just a mood and it can change, even in the most unlikely way.

Oh, and lesson number two—you never know how people are going to find you!!

WAIT—lesson number three (who knew there would be so many things to learn from this?!)—be careful how you title your blog posts.

OK—I’m done now…

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2 Responses to How an Unlikely Combination Changed My Day

  1. Jen June 7, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    Gwen, you rock. Next time I’m in a “losery mood” – I’m going to think: ass combination. Thanks for that! :)

    • Gwen
      Gwen June 7, 2013 at 11:43 am #

      Haha–thanks Jen!

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