How’s My Vibe?

I recently had the good fortune to attend Andy Dooley’s Vibration Activation workshop in Boston. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Andy, he is a Spiritual Comedian, Law of Attraction expert, and Vibration Activation Coach. I have been to tons of seminars and workshops over the years, and of course have read 18 million books on spirituality and personal development. But something about this workshop really stood out to me, and it was just the shot in the arm I needed!

What was outstanding to me, besides enjoying the material and especially the humor, was the energy that built throughout the day, and Andy’s amazing energy. He is one of those people that when you are around them your own energy starts to expand seemingly just from the mere proximity. I really felt high when I left there—and what a nice feeling to have that natural high that is not going to leave you feeling sick in the morning!!!

But the best takeaway for me from this workshop was that it is sticking with me. It has reminded me that, YES! I do in fact want to feel good—all the time! It reminded me to do my clearing work (for me that is ho’oponopono and EFT) daily—not just when a problem comes up or angst somehow creeps into my awareness. And it reminded me how much better life flows when I am operating from a place of love instead of a place of fear.

Sounds like a no brainer, right? Then why aren’t we all walking around in a state of enlightened bliss? Because we know how to be miserable. We know how to be angry and feel like a victim. We know how to complain and blame. And sometimes the known, no matter how much it might suck, is more comfortable than the unknown. It is easy, albeit painful, to stick with what we know.

There’s also that pesky 100% responsibility thing…..yes, it is the law of attraction so like it or not whatever you’ve got going on in your life, there is something inside of YOU that brought it into your life. Sorry. You might be saying, if you are not quite on board with this responsibility thing yet, no way did I bring this into my life, it is certainly not what I want! Well, again sorry, but whether you are consciously aware of the thoughts you were thinking to bring the situation about, or it was your unconscious programming just running, running, running, you created it. No one else is thinking the thoughts for you!!

So don’t be mad—mad at the situation or mad that you created it! Take a step back and see the opportunity in it. And while you are at it, try to find some humor in it—it’s the quickest way to start a shift happening to take you out of the miserable space that started this unwanted situation manifesting in the first place! Oh, and I can’t forget to hammer this point home—you have to ACCEPT IT. I’ll apologize again, sorry, but denying it, pushing it away, wishing really hard that it wasn’t happening…..well that will just adds fuel to the situation’s fire! (not the guy on that Jersey Shore show, your situation :-)) It is what it is—there is no point in not accepting it. And when you can really accept the situation you are in, whatever it may be, that is when you can approach it from a place of peace. That is the space in which you will find your solution, your inspiration. And if there is no solution or something you can change in the moment, well, you will still be at peace. Isn’t that ultimately where we all want to be?

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