I Was a Tripper–I Had to Write a Retraction!

Well, the tripper reared her ugly head.

It wasn’t pretty.

But it could have been much worse!

Please see my previous post I Was a Tripper for the back story of how I stopped tripping and falling when I stopped telling the story that I fall all the time.

So back to the tripping incident.  Actually I can say that it was not so much a trip but a slip—a slip on the ice on my back stairs.  Although I am mindful going down these stairs as there has been snow and ice that I haven’t gotten totally clear, right at the top I stepped on to a piece of ice on the edge of the stair and my feet flew out from under me.

As luck would have it I was wearing my puffy coat which padded my landing on my ass.  It also being a slippery coat excelled the speed at which I slide down the stairs.  That made it sort of scary and I tried to slow down the trajectorystairs 002 scraping my hand.  But that thank God was the only injury!  I stopped at the bottom and sat there for a minute thinking well that just sucked.  Then I wiped the snow off of my pants and went to the gym—I was fine!

I tell you this story for a couple of reasons.  First to say yay! to green juice and for being in decent shape with better muscle mass.  When I used to fall before I would always end up with some sort of injury whether it be big bruises or a slight sprain or swelling.  I fell pretty hard but I don’t have any bruising and even after going and doing a workout I wasn’t really sore the next day from falling.  All of the changes I have made in the last couple of years with juicing, eating whole nutrient dense foods, and getting into shape continue to pay off!!

But what I really want to tell you about is why I fell in the first place.  No, it wasn’t because of ice on the stairs.  I fell because I was stressed.

Last week I had a few things to do that would normally make me feel a little bit anxious—no big deal.  But I let that little bit get away from me and fell into an old pattern of negative and anxious thoughts.

Many years ago I used to live in that place—constant worrying thoughts and a visceral feeling of anxiety almost all the time.  My life didn’t go very well back then.  I didn’t manifest much of what I wanted.  I just continued to bring more anxiety producing things my way.

I am so grateful that now I can see when I start to fall into that pattern and do something to shift it.  But because it is an old familiar feeling I let it run for a couple of days all the while lamenting it which of course just brings more of the same.  My vibration was not at its best!

And what happened?  I started attracting little unwanted things…I scratched my car windshield trying to fix the windshield wiper that blew off in the storm myself, a new potential client blew me off…and I fell down the stairs!

Just a reminder—thoughts DO become things!  Was I thinking about falling down the stairs?  No, not particularly.  But I was thinking some anxious thoughts so that’s where my vibration was.  Consequently I got the gift of some unwanted things!  Isn’t it great the way the Universe works??

It really is!!  Negative emotion is just an indicator that you are not in alignment with your highest self.  So bring it on!  But when it does come on catch it as quickly as you can—don’t indulge in old patterns because they feel familiar.  You don’t need to experience a header down the stairs to realize you’re in an unhealthy thought pattern!  Make it easy on yourself and shift those thoughts right away!

Oh, and I also tell you this story as a reminder to CLEAR THE DAMN ICE OFF YOUR STAIRS!

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2 Responses to I Was a Tripper–I Had to Write a Retraction!

  1. sarah March 17, 2014 at 12:31 pm #

    clear the damn ice off your stairs hahahhaa. i love you and that is SO TRUE

    • Gwen
      Gwen March 17, 2014 at 11:48 pm #

      Lol–yes it would have been a good idea!! Hi Sar–love you too!! xo

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