I Was a Tripper


No, I’m not sitting over here dropping acid.  A tripper as in I tripped and fell…a lot.

So much so that one of my friends finally said that to me one day—you’re a tripper.  And I completely agreed—I know I fall all the time!

This was probably after we were walking to the car after work in Boston.  While just walking along I suddenly went flying.  Luckily I was wearing gloves because I landed on my hands and slid quite a ways before coming to a stop at which point I could only roll to my back and start cracking up imagining how funny I must have looked.

I just laid there for a few moments while K kicked my shoes over to me—yes I flew right out of my clogs!  She just looked at me lying in the street laughing, and shook her head—she had seen this happen before.

Why am I telling you about my klutzy mishaps?  Well listen to what I just said and that may give you a clue.

Being a klutz, being a tripper, being uncoordinated was a story I was telling.  And as long as I continued to tell that story, I continued to trip over phantom things in the street and fall.

I was never athletic as a kid.  I was awkward and super self conscious.  In fact I just recalled where the tripping might have started.  In junior high gym class outside we had to run by a group of older kids when the class was over.  They were making fun of us of course being older and right in the midst of that I trip.

Not only do I trip but in trying to right myself I reach out and end up grabbing on to my friend (WHO AT THE TIME WAS WEARING A HUGE BACK BRACE) and pull her down with me.  I was so incredibly mortified that without thinking I jumped up and ran without even helping her up!!  I still have guilt about that to this day—if you happen to be reading this I am truly sorry Laura!

But again the purpose of this post is not to tell you the play by play of my falls (although I seem to be doing a pretty good job at it!).  The point is my feelings of awkwardness lead me to start telling the story that I was not athletic and that I was uncoordinated and far from graceful.

That story followed me around a long time culminating in my constant tripping problem.  And it was getting dangerous because I fell down the stairs a couple of times!

It finally hit me one day, probably after I hit the ground, that I had to stop talking about how I fall all the time.  I had to change my story.  Just because I had fallen a lot in the past didn’t mean that was who I was.  But it was going to keep happening if I kept the energy of it alive by telling the story.

I stopped telling the story and I haven’t fallen even while running on snow and ice!

Once in awhile I do catch myself telling my trainer that I am a spaz or uncoordinated when I am trying something new.  But I do catch it and I turn it around right away by saying no, I am graceful.

We tell stories all the time and if they are negative they will have an unpleasant impact on our lives as illustrated above.  Falling is unpleasant!

What stories are you telling these days?  If it is a story you don’t like start now to turn it into one with a better outcome.  My favorite these days is everything always works out for me!

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