I Will Be Away

Just a quick post to let you know that I will be away with very little access to the Your Inner Joy blog and community from April 24th through May 6th. I’ll be returning to the very lovely island of Tobago, located off the coast of Venezuela and sister island to Trinidad. Internet access will be limited so any sharing I will do about the trip, if inspiration hits on a topic we can all relate to, will probably be done upon my return. I will also respond to any comments or emails at that time.

But, even though I’m away, if inspiration hits any of you please leave a comment on the blog. We are all going through this crazy journey we call life together and there is much to discuss. Please feel free to leave any comments on what might come up for you!

Also, here is something to check out while I am away. The Tapping World Summit put on by the folks at The Tapping Solution will beginning on May 7th. This is a free online event that has been growing exponentially and has affected many people’s lives in very positive ways. I highly recommend checking this out—you can view three introductory videos here with Nick Ortner, producer of The Tapping Solution, Kris Carr, and Cheryl Richardson. Learn how to tap if you don’t already know how, and get some in depth information about the benefits of tapping.

Enjoy! And I will be in touch when I return. Until then remember to have as much fun as you can, whatever you might be doing or dealing with!


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