Is It Possible to be Naturally Thin?

Is becoming thin and staying that way for the rest of your life something that you don’t believe in?

Do you believe that you have to be on some diet or you will lose control and gain a ton of weight?

Are you engaged in a never ending battle with food in which you are never the winner?

Do you constantly label yourself as “good” or “bad” based on what you have eaten?

What if it doesn’t have to be that way??

I am here to tell you, whether you believe me or not, that it doesn’t. You can get back to your naturally thin size and stay there without being on a “diet” where you are counting calories, fat grams, carbs, or points. But first you have to believe it.

Belief is a funny thing. Most of the beliefs we haul around all day long came from somebody else—our parents, our teachers, our peers, and our society and culture. We just get stuck with these often sucky beliefs and then we live our life based on them. Do you really want to be living your life based on sucky beliefs? I decided quite awhile ago that I didn’t.

One of the biggest areas in my life that needed a belief overhaul was my feelings about food, my body, and diet. For much of my life I was a prime candidate for answering YES! to all of the questions above. I started hating my body when it actually was thin and operating from the belief that my body wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t pretty enough I forced on myself restricted crazy diet after restricted crazy diet.

Guess where that got me? To put it bluntly—fat. That’s right, I dieted myself fat. Each time I would lose weight I would eventually gain it back plus a little bit more.

The craziest thing was I continued to believe that dieting was the answer. I continued to look for the next trendy diet because that would have to work. It was truly a desperate feeling. Yet I didn’t realize that there might be another way. I didn’t realize that my having to be on a diet belief was flawed.

But slowly I started to come across some books that got me thinking in a new direction. Perhaps how I am feeling about myself and the food that I eat plays a huge roll in my current state of weight and health.

I was already quite familiar with the law of attraction and I believed that it is working in our lives all the time. But somehow I didn’t apply this to weight—I guess I thought it was exempt somehow. I am now here to tell you weight is not exempt from the law of attraction.

What you believe about your body, food and diet makes as much of a difference as the food you do or do not put in your mouth when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

I finally changed my belief that I had to be on some crazy diet to believing that somehow organically the weight would come off. It took me awhile to cement in this belief but I did. I dropped the “good” and “bad” labels and made peace with food. I accepted my weight as it was in the moment and stopped hating my body and speaking disparagingly about it.

Sound like a tall order? Well, to be honest it is. As hard as being on all these diets was, giving up dieting for good and all the diet foods that come with was a very scary thing to do. I was bucking a belief I had held most of my life. Suppose it doesn’t work. Suppose weight really is exempt from the law of attraction. All of my friends diet—what are we going to talk about now? People will judge me for being fat yet not being on a diet to try and do something about it.

I definitely had a few false starts with this and let my fear bring me back to dieting. But the same thing kept happening—I got heavier. What’s that definition of insanity…oh, right, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

When I finally committed to stop dieting and stuck with it, when I changed my beliefs about my body, food and diet,  I was able to attract a solution that organically healed my digestion and allowed me to easily lose the weight.

Turns out you can be very overweight and starving at the same time. After years and years of eating a lot of processed diet foods my body was pretty nutrient deficient. Eating whole nutrient dense food and drinking fresh pressed vegetable juice was the answer to the illusive lose the weight and keep it off for good enigma.

So if you have been struggling with weight and food for a long time, the solution is simple but it is not easy. Once you reset your body by giving it the nutrients it needs weight loss and better health will be easy. The challenging part is letting go of a belief that you have been carrying around for a long, long time—a belief that most of our society carries. But while it was frightening and hard in the beginning I will tell you it is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

If you struggle with weight and food start to imagine a world where you can eat without guilt. Start to imagine it because it is available to you. It is my greatest wish that everyone who has had these struggles experience the freedom that I have. I have done it so let that spark the belief in you—YOU CAN DO IT TOO.


PS  Note how red my face is in the before picture–juicing cleared my skin up as well!

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