Is There an Easier Way?

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. These are the clearing/cleaning phrases used in Ho’oponopono. When I first learned of this Hawaiian healing art I was excited. I can do this—it’s easy! And that’s when my mind kicked in. “It’s easy you say?? Well you better find out more because nothing worthwhile can be that easy.” So I kept seeking more information—about Ho’oponopono and other spiritual paths. It’s what I have been doing forever—looking, seeking, gathering information.

I just finished a book by Mabel Katz, a Ho’oponopono teacher and author among other things, called not so surprisingly, “The Easiest Way”. There are many paths to feeling peaceful inside, to becoming awake, to enlightenment if you will. But as I suspected earlier before my mind kicked in, Ms Katz describes that in her quest to find a spiritual path, and trying many different things, she thought, there must be an easier way. And the way she found was Ho’oponopono.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—I love Ho’oponopono. Part of the reason that I do is because of its simplicity. My mind tends to go to things that are more complicated because I think the harder it is the better it works. But through practicing Ho’oponopono I am able to bypass my mind and see the beauty of the simplicity. And I am thankful for that.

Today it really occurred to me. Maybe it is finally time to stop seeking and start living. It doesn’t help anyone for me to stay stuck in the suffering—especially me! Of course my mind still pipes in, “Who are you to be peaceful when other people are suffering—they have no chance at peace with what they are going through.” Well, first of all I would like to politely tell my mind to SHUT IT! And I want to remember, once again, that even though there are sad and terrible things going on in the world, my commiserating with, and lamenting about them does not help anyone. But my being peaceful in the face of a problem and clearing whatever it is in me that is causing the problem, helps me and it also helps the other person or people involved. Peace begins at home—one person at a time.

So as my mind continues to want to seek, how do I let go and know that Ho’oponopono or whatever path I take will work, will lead me out of suffering? I guess the answer there is faith. Not so easy with the ego hanging around! But if I can continue to do the cleaning, no matter how much my mind protests that it is not working, or not worthwhile, perhaps that will eventually cause a shift…..and suddenly I have found an easier way!


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