It’s OK to Feel Like a Spaz

Have you ever had to do something you really didn’t want to do? I don’t think there is anyone out there who could answer no to that question. How do you deal with it? Me, I just start to feel like a spaz.

If you have never felt spastic before here’s how it feels—a little light headed, sort of unreal, clumsy, and nervous. This is when I’m apt to knock my green juice over or trip on the sidewalk. I guess a better way to put it would be out of the flow. It’s not where you want to go!

But I am here to tell you that it is OK to feel like a spaz. It’s actually a good thing because it is something you can become aware of. It’s one thing to just be in this spastic state and try to operate from there—that does not work, I can tell you from experience. But if you become aware of when it is happening you can do something to change it. That’s the exciting part!

What can you do? First of all you can become aware of the thoughts you are thinking that are producing this state you have gotten yourself into. Yes, you got yourself into it—it’s not the thing you have to do that you don’t want to do that’s causing it. It’s your thoughts about it. Once you are aware of the thoughts that are causing this state, then you just have to consciously change them.

Sounds simple, and it is but it can also be a challenge when they are thoughts you have been thinking for a long time. Sometimes we need some tools to help. Two tools I particularly like to use in spastic times are EFT and Andy Dooley’s Vibration Activation™ process. It’s all about shifting out of your old story (old thought patterns) and telling the new story of where you want to be. When you get to the place where you can tell your new story with excitement and passion, then you are really in the vibration of it and you can act from the confident good feeling place. And taking action from a good feeling space will only lead to good results.

So if you are stuck on something or feeling spazy about something you have to do that you don’t want to, first do some tapping on it. Take for example you have to give a presentation at work and you get really nervous getting up in front of people. Some set up statements could be, Even though I hate getting up in front of people, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway. Even though giving a presentation makes me nauseous, I love and accept myself. Even though I DON’T want to do this presentation, I completely accept myself anyway. Then just tap through the points using the reminder phrase, this presentation.

Once you bring your spazivity (yes, that’s a word) level down a comfortable amount, then go ahead and start getting a new story programmed in. A fun way to do this is by using Vibration Activation™ That’s right! statements. Speak them out loud. Really get into it. If you have a supportive friend call them up and trade That’s right! statements back and forth on what a great presenter you are. That’s right! I am good at giving presentations. That’s right! People love to hear what I have to say. That’s right! I am always so prepared whenever I present. That’s right! Giving good presentations gets me noticed at work. That’s right! Soon they will be promoting me because of my awesome presentation skills.

Have FUN with it!! Get as goofy or outrageous as you would like. My friend Cathy and I were playing That’s right! one day, and although I forget now what vibe I was trying to amp up, I do remember her telling me that there was going to be a parade in my honor because I had done so well. That totally cracked me up, and it sticks with me. That’s right! You did so well they are having a PARADE for you! She said it with such excitement—it was awesome!

So, again, it’s OK to feel like a spaz—in fact it’s good because it alerts you to the fact that something is going on and that you are thinking unhelpful thoughts. AND, you don’t have to stay in that spazy place—there’s something you can do about it. Whatever tool you use doesn’t matter—the exciting thing is you have a choice to think new helpful thoughts. Who’d have thought—that’s all there is to it!

PS: It also helps to drink green juice—it nourishes your cells deeply and allows you to think more clearly. Here’s a super green juice to help you focus:

Screamin’ Green Juice

 bunch of kale

½ bunch of collards

1 cucumber

2 big stalks of celery

½ box of broccoli sprouts (or whatever sprouts you have on hand)

Quarter of a lemon

(Optional: Add ½ a green apple if the above is too green tasting for you)

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