Juice It Up in the New Year

I’m not one who is big on New Year’s resolutions. If you feel pressured into thinking up a few things to change in your life starting Jan 1, instead of making changes because you want to…well it is probably not going to stick. On the other hand if you have decided you really want to make some changes but just need to get by all of this happy holiday hoopla to make a clean start then by all means resolute away. There is no time like the present to make positive changes in your life and health, and the present just happens to be a few days before the start of a new year.

I just have one suggestion of something you might want to add to your list of resolutions. Bet you can’t guess what it is…or perhaps you can because it is what I won’t shut up about—that’s right!—add green juice into your life in the New Year!!

Why, why you say….why must I drink this green juice? It probably tastes gross. It takes a lot of time. Juicers are a pain in the ass to clean. It’s expensive making that green juice. Ugh, the last thing I want to do is drink a glass full of vegetables!

No, wait—listen to what you just said!! Drink a glass full of vegetables!—what could be better than that?!? You can get almost your entire daily requirement of vegetables in drinking one 16 oz glass of juice. What could be easier than that? You don’t have to figure out several fancy recipes or eat bowls full of raw greens. Pour that bowl into a glass and drink it down—done!

Maybe some of you out there eat a boatload of raw leafy greens each day—I know I didn’t. But what a change getting those greens into my system has made. It has really had a dramatic effect on my life—both physically and emotionally. You may wonder if green juice can actually affect your emotional state—I am going to say from my own experience, yes it can! Because when you start to feel better physically, when you start to have more energy and clear up some health problems that may have been holding you back, you start to feel better emotionally because you are doing something to take care of yourself, which usually produces a domino effect of self care. One of the biggies in this domino link is exercise—if you didn’t have the energy or stamina to do it before, you will probably find after juicing that you have the energy to get started. And no matter what you do to get your body moving—take a dance class, walk, run, or pull out your old Jane Fonda tape—it just makes you feel better all around.

Don’t be afraid—you don’t have to go crazy with the juice. You don’t have to do a juice fast. You don’t have to do a juice cleanse (although if you want a kick start the three day cleanse at Revitalive is fantastic—I do highly recommend this or something similar to clean out your system and squash cravings especially if you have been enjoying some holiday treats-‘tis the season). That little caveat aside, all you really have to do is add green juice into your regime. One or preferably two juices a day.

As the juice and all the super nutrition start to get into your system you will probably find that you begin leaning towards food choices that might be a little healthier or simply support you in whatever your health goals are. If you are a person who doesn’t eat enough, then you get a couple of big boosts of nutrition during your day where you might have just had a coffee before. If you are a person who has a taste for sweets and you would like to cut down your sugar consumption, you might find that your sugar cravings will start to diminish. If you are someone who struggles with high blood pressure, you might find that it starts to drop. Popping the Prilosec every day? You might get off of it. And if you are a person who would like to lose some weight, juicing is a great way to get that going.

You don’t have to make a big deal out of it, but you do have to do it to get results. If it is something that sounds interesting to you, or something you have been thinking about for awhile then make a commitment to it. Again, it doesn’t have to be a crazy commitment like; all I am going to do is drink juice for the foreseeable future. And you don’t have to make 10,000 commitments like; I am going to juice, join the gym, do yoga five times a week, lift weights and run. If juicing intrigues you just take this one step—add two juices into your day—and see what happens from there. Or if you are really ready to get into it do a three day cleanse and see how you feel. Either way, if you are looking for better health in the New Year for whatever reason, just take a step toward it. You might be surprised where that one step will lead.

PS: As far as your other concerns go—you might not like the taste of some juice at first, but as your body starts to clean out stored toxins the taste gets better. Soon you will LOVE it and crave it. In the meantime you can add some green apple or lemon to your green juice to make it more palatable. It does take some time but so does making a meal or running out to the deli to pick up a sandwich. And it can be expensive especially if you are using all organic vegetables which I do recommend if you can do it. Look for a CSA to join during your local growing season—I am going to try it this year and I think it will be a big $ saver!


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