Juicing and the Law of Attraction

As you know if you have hung around this blog at all, I have been studying the Law of Attraction, in one form or another, for the last twenty plus years. I love it. It is operating in our lives all the time, and it gives us a choice about what kind of life we want to live. Yes, a choice. We can keep it as positive as possible and keep our vibration high, or as Andy Dooley says, we can get on the bitch train, creative a low vibration, and continually attract things we don’t want into our lives. So there is the choice—seems like a no-brainer right?

So why does it seem so difficult at times, when all we have to do is stay in a positive vibration; think positive thoughts? Well, for one thing it takes some doing to move away from the way we have been conditioned to feel since we were little. It takes consistent effort to reprogram those neural pathways, and move from living in a state of, say worry and dread to living in a state of peace and joy. And that’s ok—it can easily be done as long as you are consistent about it.

But what is something that for many people causes them to get on the bitch train without even realizing it, and often go speeding out of the station? How they feel, physically. Of course, if you have pain, lack energy, feel overweight, or out of shape this is not something that is easy to feel good about. It is always in your face, literally, when you look in the mirror or walk up the stairs and feel pain in your knees. As much as you might be able to move into a space of acceptance, this is just the way I am right now, it is still a tough thing to get in a good feeling space about. You do need to accept it in order to move towards a better feeling space so if you are there—yahoo, keep going. But how do you move forward from there?

I will tell you that this very question was something I struggled with for years and years. I thought I was eating pretty healthfully. I knew I wasn’t going to go on another crazy diet. But still I was overweight, had some knee pain, and was tired all the time.

Something as simple as drinking fresh vegetable juice has changed all of that (and YES it is simple!). Drinking juice has caused such a wave of positives for me as far as my body and physical health goes, it would be hard to try and get into a negative space about it. I have much better energy, I sleep great, I greatly reduced if not eliminated cravings for a lot of stuff I used to crave, lost and continue to lose weight, little to no knee pain, and no more acid reflux medication. And honestly, it has seemed almost effortless. Really.

In turn, feeling physically better and lighter helps my vibration stay higher, and my life gets easier. It is not a matter of, once I lose the weight then I will be happy, be more prosperous, meet a romantic partner….fill in the blank. What happens is the juice is so packed with nutrition that you start to feel better even before you start to lose the weight, or notice that your pain is gone. You get more energy before you really stop to think about it, and you just start to do. You go out for that walk. You walk faster and feel more alive when you finish rather than the beat feeling you used to have. And you look for something more you can do because it feels good.

Hell yeah, there you have it. The Law of Attraction in action!


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  1. Gwen
    Gwen August 31, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    Awesome Nanc!!! Psyched to hear you got the juicer out of the basement–keep me posted. Go, go, go!!!

  2. nancy August 30, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

    OMG Gwen, third way I am contacting you! I have been totally immersed in the Law of Attraction since last April. I have watched the Secret, bought the book on tape of the Secret and Power. And no lie, I just talked about you yesterday in therapy. This is the first time I have opened your facebook messages! I am with you Girl! I just might do that juicing with you! Call me…


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