Juicing Versus Blending–Which One Is Better??

Smoothies–the other green juice.

Ok, not really—I was just thinking about those old commercials where they would call pork the other white meat. That’s kind of weird—they are two different animals. Anyway, that’s kind of the way it is between blending and juicing—two different plant based treats, both good!

So which should you do?

Is one better than the other? No—both have great benefits.

As you may have picked up on around here, I LOVE juicing. It has really changed my life in profound ways such as substantial weight loss, clearing up a long term stomach issue and getting off meds, and clearing up my skin. So I am certainly not going to tell anybody not to juice.

But some people are less inclined to juice than I am. It takes some commitment and a little bit of time. If this is the case blending is a great place to start.

What’s the difference?

When you juice you are extracting the pulp of the vegetable or fruit and you are left with just the juice. When you blend nothing is extracted so you get the whole of the fruit or vegetable finely broken down into a liquid.

Which is better for you?

They are both fantastic for you. With juicing there is little to no digestion involved and you are getting a huge concentration of nutrients. The nutrients get right into your system and go almost directly where they are needed. This is fantastic for everyone, especially if you have issues with digestion.

Juicing also gives your digestive system a rest from all the work it takes to break down and extract nutrients from the foods we eat. The digestive enzymes then have a chance to work on stored toxins that we may have built up.

Of course fiber is important and with juicing you are getting very little to no insoluble fiber (although plenty of soluble fiber). With blending you are ingesting the whole fruit or vegetable and of course getting all of that wonderful insoluble fiber.

Another great benefit of blending is the ability to add in some super healthy stuff such as hemp seeds, maca, spirulina, chia seeds, cacao, and the like.

The real goal here is to supercharge your system by getting in a boatload of nutrients that you might not be getting during your regular course of eating. The amount of vegetables I put into one 16 oz juice astounds me. I think about how long it would take me to eat all of it, or if I would be able to eat all of it.

All in all I would say the best solution is to do both! If you are just starting out and not really sure how you feel about adding something new to your routine give blending a whirl first—it is easy and fun to play around with. But if you are serious about making some changes and taking control of your health I would get right into juicing and eventually do both because GREEN JUICE = LIQUID GOLD


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