Mindset is the Magic When It Comes to Weight Loss and Health

Many people long for a magic solution when looking to make changes with their weight or health.  They yearn for theMagic Lamp miracle diet that will quickly shed the pounds, or give them the energy they seem to be lacking.  It must be out there somewhere, right?

For so many years I was that person, desperately seeking the genie in the lamp—someone to tell me the “right” way to eat so I could finally lose the weight.

My foray into dieting started innocently enough, just out of elementary school feeling like I didn’t fit in, and deciding if my thighs were thinner that would solve the problem.  My life is really going to take off once I get this thigh situation under control! Enter “Thin Thighs in Thirty Days.”  

Unfortunately, my life didn’t take off the way I had planned.  Instead of gaining instant popularity with my new skinny (OK, too skinny) thighs, I instead launched myself into three decades of losing weight only to gain back more, landing clinically obese in my early forties.

Talk about a plan going awry!

With each new diet came the hope and promise of a better life, a thinner life where all was well.

And then came the anxiety and fear as it didn’t work out … and complete self-loathing as I seemingly “failed” over and over again.

So, anxiety … fear … non-acceptance of self—these are very low vibrational states of mind.  And what did I keep attracting from that place?  More of the same.  More of what made me feel that way—more weight.

This is the key piece that so many are missing when it comes to weight loss.  They plan on being happy and feeling good about themselves after they have lost the weight.  But as they are setting about on whatever weight loss plan they decide to try next, they feel miserable about themselves, and view the diet as penance for gaining weight in the first place.

Here’s the “magic solution” that we all have been seeking, and it doesn’t come in the form of a diet:  You have to feel happy and good about yourself first in order to release the weight and keep it off.

Accepting yourself where you are in the moment is not waving the white flag; surrendering to what is and thinking it is never going to change.  To make any change you MUST accept where you are starting from, and then look forward to the positive changes to come.

So, if you are looking to make a change with your weight or health remember, the mindset is the magic.  Getting into that good feeling place about yourself will get you into vibrational alignment to find a healthy eating style that you enjoy and that supports you physically and emotionally, instead of looking out there for the latest trending diet.  Then the weight will start to take care of itself.

Why wait–wouldn’t you rather feel good right now?

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