Night Guy Always Screws Morning Guy

I posted the other day on FB because this cracks me up—here I was in the middle of a hurricane and my biggest concern was that if the power goes out I will be unable to make juice. It used to be I was concerned about having tasty food to eat, what I would do without the television, and having enough wine on hand. Now I am concerned about juice—what has become of me?!?

Well, I guess from reading that first paragraph something good has become of me. It feels good to have a healthy obsession, albeit an obsession. But I find it interesting when we are evolving, making positive changes and it’s all good, and suddenly that old person you used to be stands up and demands to be heard. The old you is having none of this new you—what the hell, this is no good! The old you then becomes the inner saboteur and slips us a mickey when we aren’t looking. We stay up too late, eat mindlessly, have that last glass of wine, zone out in front of the TV, shop—whatever it is that the old you loved to do and usually held some kind of negative consequence.

Talking about this always reminds me of that Seinfeld monologue, “I stay up late ‘cause I’m Night Guy. ‘What about getting up after five hours of sleep?’, oh that’s Morning Guy’s problem……..Night Guy always screws Morning Guy. There’s nothing Morning Guy can do.” It feels that way sometimes when we start to revert back to some old behaviors, or become suddenly afraid that we might fail so we decide we might as well wreck things right here and now—old you screws the new you and there is nothing new you can do about it.

Really, though, there is something the new you can do, and that is let it go. So the old you popped up—it’s no big deal. It becomes a big deal when you lament over eating that meal so quickly that you didn’t even realize what happened and you are still hungry, or whatever your unconscious behavior might have been. That’s when old you wins—it gets you caught up in negative feelings which will most likely lead to more outdated behavior. It’s that cycle thing again…

This is another one of those, sounds so simple but is often hard to implement, truths. The trick is to be aware and when you find yourself spinning out about something you did that later you were not happy about, STOP IT and let it go. It’s like holding on to poison and hoping it is going to make you feel better. It is amazing how harshly we can judge ourselves and that only leads us down a bad road. We MUST (sorry, it’s a must!) love ourselves in the moment anyway (oh, wait, isn’t that the EFT set-up phrase? Even though [Fill in the blank] I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway) and move forward with our unshakable positive vibe. Then only the old unwanted behavior gets screwed!


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