Oh My God, I Didn’t Realize I Was a Bitch

OK—maybe I’m not a bitch, but I do ride the bitch train from time to time.

Businessman receiving bad news on a train

Feeling first, manifestation second.  That’s what law of attraction expert Andy Dooley tells us.  And I know that he is absolutely right.

So what happens when your feelings end up in the toilet?

When we land there it can feel like a huge challenge to get ourselves out.  And that kind of compounds the awful feelings, and then….oh no!

There are great tools to get us out of this space—Andy’s Vibration Activation™ and Tapping being my all-time favorites to use.  But there is a catch.  First you have to realize when you are having these crappy feelings.

Often feeling negative or not good enough is our default setting.  It gets set up in us from when we were little kids, sometimes not having the positive reinforcement we needed from parents and various authority figures.

And that’s ok—everyone is doing the best they can with the information they have.  We certainly don’t need to get stuck thinking about every instance in life that made us feel bad.  But we do need to be aware of how we are feeling in the moment.  And if we find that we generally operate from a negative or loser place—we need to change that right away!

Because it truly is FEELING FIRST, MANIFESTATION SECOND.  And if we are feeling crappy, guess what types of things are going to manifest…oh no!!!

So what’s the first step?  Start becoming aware of how you are feeling rather than living by default.

I remember back in my early twenties when I was riddled with anxiety and having frequent panic attacks—my real concern was avoiding a panic attack at all costs.  So when I was just anxious but not actively in the throws of panic, I thought that was pretty good.  But what never occurred to me was that my default feeling was anxiety.  And I will tell you—things didn’t go very well in my life back then.

Now I have become a super sleuth when it comes to how I am feeling.  Do I ever get into a space of feeling crappy?  YES, of course.  But it’s up to me to first acknowledge the fact that I have gotten into a negative space, instead of running with the  familiar feelings of an old pattern.  And then take the steps to shift that feeling to a more conducive one in order to attract what I want into my life.

So the moral of the story is, we all will have times where we feel negative emotions—we are human.  But in order to live the life of our dreams this cannot be a default setting.  Pay attention to your thoughts and words.  Do you have a tendency to jump quickly on board the bitch train about anything from slow service at the coffee shop to how you feel about your body?

From now on start to catch yourself (use step one of Vibration Activation™–STOP CANCEL CLEAR, GET THE FEAR OUT OF HERE!).  Catch yourself before you board the bitch train and take off, but while you are still on the platform.  Do this long enough and you will begin to shift your default setting to one of joy, and you won’t get as easily derailed by contrast.

Doesn’t that sound like a better place to live?

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