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Everything at its core is energy, so how you feel = how you vibrate = how you attract. Vibration is everything and I’m here to help you raise it up!   You will get into that good feeling space that allows you to attract the health, prosperity, relationships, and joy you have been looking for. 

There are infinite possibilities available to you in every moment.  All it takes to live a life you love is learning how to tune into and keep focus on the possibilities that you want to create.  It’s about YOU unleashing the unlimited potential that has always been inside!

My name is Gwen and I am a Law of Attraction expert, Transformation Coach, writer, and green juice connoisseur.  Your ultimate life is already there waiting for you—I will show you how to bring it in to your reality.

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Juicing and the Law of Attraction Part 2

In my last post I talked about how feeling better physically certainly helps you maintain a higher vibration so you will attract the things and circumstances you want into your life. But which comes first, the chicken or the egg……feeling physically better or having the vibration of feeling physically better? Of course we know from […]

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Juicing and the Law of Attraction

As you know if you have hung around this blog at all, I have been studying the Law of Attraction, in one form or another, for the last twenty plus years. I love it. It is operating in our lives all the time, and it gives us a choice about what kind of life we […]

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Are We Done Yet?

“Are we done yeeeetttttt?? “ We all probably remember whining that sentence to our parents when we were young and doing something that didn’t appeal to a kid like clothes shopping when you wanted to be outside playing with your friends. The task seemed to take an eternity and was painful through and through. Oh, […]

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Why Weigh?

During my years of dieting frenzy I was attached to the scale. I’m surprised I didn’t have some sort of pocket scale that folded out so I could bring it with me and weigh myself while out doing errands. If I got on the scale in the morning and it did not report the numbers […]

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From a Dieter’s Hell to Nutritional Delight

I talked about this briefly in my last post but wanted to write further on the subject of dieting, and the decision to stop doing it. This may seem like an oxymoron to some as usually the thinking goes—when am I going to start dieting? When am I finally going to lose this weight?? When […]

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And the Juice Goes On

As promised in my last post I am already back here on the juice wagon ready to browbeat you into trying it. I have been juicing for a little over a month now and I can hardly believe the change drinking glasses of green grassy tasting juice can make! No, don’t panic—I’m not only making […]

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This is Juicy

Ok, I usually hate it when people use the word juicy, especially in a yoga class—this is a really juicy stretch. But this blog post, it actually is juicy because it’s about…….JUICE! Or more specifically, it’s about juicing vegetables and fruit. I am very fortunate to live in a town that contains within it a […]

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Don’t Dread It–Just Do It

We’ve talked about procrastination here on the blog. But how often is procrastination combined with dread? There is a task we must do, for whatever reason, and we are dreading it. So not only are we procrastinating, we’ve also got a black cloud hanging over our head until it is done. Yuck! I have just […]

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Can I See Your ID?

Well, perhaps for many of you reading this—not a phrase you hear much anymore. I should just speak for myself—I know I can go to pretty much any restaurant and if I choose to order a glass of wine the waitperson is not going to bat an eye or send me searching for my license. […]

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I Will Be Away

Just a quick post to let you know that I will be away with very little access to the Your Inner Joy blog and community from April 24th through May 6th. I’ll be returning to the very lovely island of Tobago, located off the coast of Venezuela and sister island to Trinidad. Internet access will […]

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