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your resource for connecting to your highest self and reclaiming the health, abundance, and joy that has always been inside you, and still is!

Everything at its core is energy, so how you feel = how you vibrate = how you attract. Vibration is everything and I’m here to help you raise it up!   You will get into that good feeling space that allows you to attract the health, prosperity, relationships, and joy you have been looking for. 

There are infinite possibilities available to you in every moment.  All it takes to live a life you love is learning how to tune into and keep focus on the possibilities that you want to create.  It’s about YOU unleashing the unlimited potential that has always been inside!

My name is Gwen and I am a Law of Attraction expert, Transformation Coach, writer, and green juice connoisseur.  Your ultimate life is already there waiting for you—I will show you how to bring it in to your reality.

To get started please check out my blog below!  Leave your comments and questions so we can connect.

You are What You Think, Not What You Eat

Hi, my name is Gwen, and I am a recovering chronic dieter. I have spent most of my life losing “the weight” only to gain back more, going from being a skinny kid just out of elementary school to clinically obese in my early forties. And as if gaining all that weight while spending most […]

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Oh My God, I’m Going to Look Like SUCH an Idiot!

Last weekend I went to a fabulous yoga and meditation retreat with a group of cool, like-minded people. There were teachers, healers, and musicians sharing their gifts.  We did a bunch of yoga and meditation, walked the beautiful property in 60-degree weather (in February in New England), and enjoyed good food, fires, and a lot […]

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Dieting Can Rob You of More Than Just Nutrition

Years ago, I had no interest in proper nutrition or fueling my body for good health. I didn’t care how different foods made me feel, and I especially didn’t worry about ingesting boatloads of artificial ingredients. I only cared about being thin. I only cared about getting the weight off (one more time). I hated […]

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Don’t Let Your Mind Become a Trump Twitter Feed

The other day I went to yoga—my nice, peaceful sanctuary.  After sitting and centering for a few minutes I took off my socks to begin the practice. That one swift movement turned my peaceful sanctuary into something resembling a Trump twitter feed.  Wow, my pedicure looks like hell … no actually my feet look like […]

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How Embracing Your Inner Fool Can Change Your Life

I have always had a silly (or some might say stupid) sense of humor.  I can find the funny in just about any situation, especially if it is a challenging circumstance in my life—it’s how I get through them. When something not pleasing is happening, a good question to ask is, what’s the gift in […]

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Don’t Walk Into 2017 with a Blank Stare and an Empty Cart

I went out to finish my Christmas shopping last Sunday. I like to think I am an intelligent person, and then I do something like that. It was pouring, pelting, teaming rain and … IT WAS THE SUNDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. I work at home.  I live a few blocks from downtown.  I can go shopping […]

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There’s No Place Like What? for the Holidays

The last few years I have written three installments of, There’s No Place Like Hell for the Holidays.  As I was considering writing part four I thought, these posts are about having more harmonious holidays … why am I starting out in hell? Every time I write these posts I get that song stuck in […]

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Who’s the Real Fool Here?

I awoke at 3 AM in the living room chair, an unfinished glass of wine next to me, the television still on.  What I saw was shocking—Donald Trump giving what seemed to be a victory speech.  On the bottom of the screen some untallied states still scrolled by.  I did not want to know anything […]

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What If You Showed Up for Your Birthday Party Dressed as a Clam?

My friend Shelly just turned 50.  We thought it would be a good idea to have a party.  Then we thought it would be a better idea to make it a surprise party.  A few seconds later we thought of the best idea—a surprise birthday party that she thinks is a Halloween party. First we […]

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Sunny on One Side, Stormy on the Other

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Mexico where we were blessed with phenomenal weather—hot and sunny every day except for the day we were packing up and flying out (making it less hard to actually leave).  On a couple of days as we were sitting on the beach a storm would start to […]

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