Making Peace with Food and Body

A place for women to explore and experience making peace with food and with their bodies, and finally break free from the cycle of chronic dieting.

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Let’s face it—we live in a diet obsessed world.  Hell, when I started dieting I was a skinny kid just out of elementary school.  I felt awkward and like I didn’t fit in—I felt like something was wrong with me.  And what did I see in every magazine, and on television and billboards alike?  Ads for diets and diet products.  I learned what was wrong with me, and apparently with most of the population the way these ads read.  I learned that my body was not right as it was, and that I better lose some weight to fix it.

Enter “Thin Thighs in Thirty Days.”  How will I ever fit in with legs that look like this?  Once I get this thigh situation under control my life is really going to take off!

And take off it did, but not in the way I had planned.  Instead of gaining instant popularity with my new skinny (OK too skinny) thighs, I instead launched myself into three decades of losing weight only to gain back more, landing clinically obese in my early forties.

With each new diet came the hope and promise of a better life, a thinner life where all was well.  And then came the anxiety and fear as it didn’t work out … and complete self-loathing as I seemingly “failed” over and over again.

Maybe you can relate to this story?

But the insidious thing is, we keep trying.  Going on diet after diet, even diets we have already attempted in the past thinking, I must not have tried hard enough last time.

As quickly as we jump into that first ray of diet hope, we plunge into the cycle of chronic dieting.  And as you heard in my story above, the cycle never ends well.  Actually, it never ends at all.

Many of us are conditioned from a young age by the 60 billion dollar a year diet industry, and then by well meaning but also conditioned parents, siblings, peers, and medical professionals, that we must go on a diet to lose weight.  Hear those words—we must go on a diet.

A diet is not a way of eating.   Dieting is a fear based activity that we engage in because we feel desperate to shed the “extra” weight we find to be so hideous because of the aforementioned conditioning.

Diets by nature are restrictive.  Hence, we go on them, and then because it is not sustainable for our bodies (or our minds) we go off them.  We lose weight, we gain weight, we lose weight, we gain back more weight … and all the while we feel shittier and shittier about ourselves.

It is time for the cycle of chronic dieting to stop!  More important, it is time for the collective cycle of dieting and the way we view our bodies and food to shift to a peaceful and sane place.

To make any positive change we must feel the positive change first, and that means feeling good.

It is impossible to feel good if we are constantly berating ourselves for what we ate, how much we weigh, what size we are, what shape we are in.

It is impossible to feel good when we are stressed by every meal—Am I going to be good or bad today?  I really feel like that slice of pizza for lunch, but I’ve been so good the last two days sticking to my allotted calories.  But I’m sooooo hungry.  Ugh I hate this diet, I’m having the slice. [And while we are eating the slice] I shouldn’t be eating this.  It’s putting me way over on fat grams and calories (or carbs or whatever you happen to be counting) I’m so bad.  Why am I eating this?  I might as well tape it to my thigh.  [And after eating the slice] Why did I eat that pizza?  I am so fat.  I have no control.  I’m such a loser that I can’t even stick to this plan.  I hate myself.

The above—that does not feel good.  In fact, it felt awful to type it out.  But often we don’t even realize that this dialog is going on in our heads all day every day.  Aside from the fact that it is terrible for us emotionally and physically, we are never going to get to where we want when we are operating from this very low vibration of fear.

You simply cannot hate yourself into any positive change. And in this case, you cannot hate yourself into weight loss.  It is simply against the laws of the Universe.

It’s time to step outside the box and try something different.  If you are on this page reading these words, you are ready.  Come join us in the Evolution of the Anti-Diet.  Come join us and Make Peace with Food and Body!

Making Peace with Food and Body is a private Facebook group for women who are worn out by the cycle of chronic dieting and are ready to make positive change—a truly positive change.

Did you find yourself in the words above?  Are you sick of never getting the results you want?  Are you tired of feeling miserable; miserable whether you are on or off diet?

If the answer is yes, then come join us.  Join a group of women who are supporting each other to live peaceful, joyful lives, to enjoy food again, and to appreciate and nourish their bodies just where they are in this moment.

Spend time around positive women who will uplift you, and move away from the diet mentality and all the fear that comes with it.

Is joining this group a guarantee that you will lose weight?  No, it is not.

But when you shift away from chronic dieting and the diet mentality, and experiment with finding a healthy eating style that supports your body and that you love, you are going to feel good.  And from that good feeling space and vibration, positive changes are going to happen. And in my case that included releasing weight that no longer served me.

For decades we have been going about it all wrong.

You are not going to feel good after you have lost the weight.  If you have been dieting for most of your life, you know that even when you lose some weight it is fleeting, and it is never good enough.

You have to feel good first to lose the weight.

And why wait to feel good?

Join now and be a pioneer in this movement.  Be a part of something revolutionary as we release the anguish and shame we have had about our bodies, and support each other in learning a new way to nourish and take care of ourselves.

The time is now to be a part of the solution.  Releasing the cycle of chronic dieting and making peace with food and body is the solution.

And as you make peace with food and your body, you will find that peace will spread into all areas of your life, which for me has been the most tremendous gift of this whole process.

Welcome to the Anti-Diet Evolution!

Start the new year out in a new way.  Instead of resolving to get back on that diet and finally lose the weight, give yourself the gift of releasing the cycle of chronic dieting and finally make peace with food and your body–you will be amazed at what results!

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