Quitting Smoking AND Losing Weight?! Oh My!

I never thought I could drive my car without smoking a cigarette.  Then I got a new car.

I never thought I could talk on the phone without smoking a cigarette.  Then I moved.

Yes, I used to smoke.  I have never talked about it here because I was too embarrassed to admit it.

Then I realized I post all my embarrassing photos (perhaps there will be one later!) among other unsavory stuff so why stop there?

I was thinking about this because when I tried to quit smoking in the past it seemed like such a huge hardship and eventually I would cave and  go back to it.

But in the meantime as I continued to be a smoker certain things just clicked and while I thought I couldn’t drive my car, certainly not any distance, without smoking suddenly it was easy for me because I didn’t want my new car to smell like smoke.

Then I moved to a new apartment and I didn’t want to (and to make it easy couldn’t) smoke in the house.  I quickly learned how to talk on the phone without smoking—and really it was no big deal.

I got to the point where I would only smoke in the evenings and although by that time I thought it was pretty stupid that I continue to smoke when I had practically cut it out, I enjoyed that time and as gross and hugely unhealthy as it is…I really loved to smoke!

Then my downstairs neighbors complained that me opening and closing my deck door at night woke them up—could I smoke out front?

Let me tell you–sitting on the front stoop smoking with people walking by who of course I had to greet as they were walking right in front of me, I just should have cut the confusion and pasted a big L on my forehead.

Another click and I was a non-smoker.

I don’t need to get into the fact that I kowtow to my neighbors, which I admit that I totally do to keep the peace.  What I am getting at is when I tried to force myself to stop smoking it was awful and I wouldn’t stick to it.  But when I didn’t force it and instead just took some steps toward it, things eventually clicked and it happened organically.

This same process is how I finally lost the weight and kept it off.  When I tried to force it by going on all these crazy deprivation diets it again was awful and I wouldn’t stick to it.At Deb'sBefore Barbados 4

I finally made the decision to stop dieting and make peace with food.

That didn’t mean the weight came right off.  It eventually stabilized but stabilized at large.  As much as I really wanted to lose the weight and was often temped to just do another diet, there was something deep inside me that knew somehow, organically the weight would come off.

I didn’t know how.  I just knew it would happen if I got off the dieting roller coaster.

I took steps toward it without forcing it, the first step being giving up all diet foods therefore cutting out a lot of the processed crap I was eating.

Then, as I decided to focus on health and nutrition because I was feeling tired and crappy things started clicking rapidly.

A friend sent me the documentary May I Be Frank which inspired me to do this juice cleanse I had been looking at.

I loved the way that made me feel so I became a nut case about juicing.

Once my body began to get nourished it quickly started to let go of the weight.

It wasn’t a hardship.  I was enjoying what I was doing, I felt great, my health improved, and the weight took care of itself organically…as I knew somewhere deep inside me it would.

Coincidentally…I quit smoking and lost the weight at the same time.  If that doesn’t show you anything can be done I don’t know what does!

I’m not saying that to pat myself on the back, although sometimes I want to but not for the reason you might think.  I give myself a high 5 for figuring out (ok actually it kind of just hit me over the head as it happened) that by not forcing, and not worrying about the hows, it all clicked into place and happened in a way that was totally sustainable.

So if you have something you are trying to change that you are frustrated with and you are trying to force it, release your grip a little.  Take whatever steps you can toward it and let go of trying to figure out how it is going to happen.  Just let it happen.  Then step back and be amazed.

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