Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs Now

This free e-guide teaches you the basics of EFT and how to easily apply it to almost any issue you may be facing. Just right-click the link below and “Save As…”

Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs Now! [PDF ]

EFT Universe

Learn more about EFT here and find out what is happening in the EFT community.  This website is a great free resource.

Please note:

I do sell products as an affiliate for the following suggested resources, but they all also offer great free content.   So even if you’re not in the market for any personal development products still take a look!  Also please rest assured that I will not promote any product to you that I haven’t used myself and benefited from.

Brad Yates

Brad is an EFT master and has a great sense of humor which makes his approach very user friendly.  I enjoy his teleclasses immensely and have used and had some great success with his Money Beyond Belief program in particular.  I have not used his other products yet but I will keep you posted.  Check out Money Beyond Belief here.   Beware:  This link brings you to a giant sales page where you can read about, and purchase if you want, Brad’s Money Beyond Belief program.  Sorry, I couldn’t find another way to link you.    You can also check out what else  Brad is doing directly on his website

Mind Movies

Like a vision board on steroids.  With this program you can create your own “mind movie” complete with your own images, music and script.  Much more powerful than the static vision board that many have used with great success to manifest the life of their dreams.  They also offer for a monthly fee a subliminal program, with additional resources, so you can faintly play your mind movie all day if you like while you work on your computer.  This gets the message to our subconscious mind.  The combination of EFT to clear unconscious limiting beliefs and this technology to install the new beliefs about what we really want—I feel it is an unstoppable combination!  Check it out—you can download some pre-made mind movies (which I found to be affective on their own) for free and see how the whole thing works.