Start Drinking the Juice and Cut the Weight Loose

A lot of people have asked me about juicing for weight loss and health so I thought I should dive into it here on the blog. I don’t weigh myself (one of my NON dieting tricks!) but I can tell you I have lost five sizes so that probably adds up to about 45-50 pounds. My skin cleared up and I got off of stomach medication. A miracle? YES, I consider it one—it’s the miracle of green juice!

Here’s a little before and after action for you…

I’ve touched on this here and there throughout my posts but here’s my dieting story. I was a skinny kid and could eat whatever I wanted. When I first started junior high I felt awkward and ugly and suddenly decided my thighs were too fat so I started dieting and doing crazy exercise programs. I hoped this would somehow make me fit in better. Really all it did was set me up for half a lifetime of weight problems.

My diet then consisted of eating as little as I could without alarming my parents. I usually would only eat one piece of fruit all day and then as little dinner as I could get away with. I lost weight—to the point where friends were telling me to stop because I was getting too skinny. To me it was exhilarating!! Until I couldn’t take it anymore. Then the weight started to come back. Panic and heartbreak set in. And so it went for about the next 30 years—yikes!!

The scary thing is that every time the weight would come back there would be a little more than before. This was somewhat manageable for awhile because I was so thin before I started dieting. But then I just kept getting heavier during my off dieting times. I dieted myself fat.

Not only did I become quite overweight, I also developed digestion and metabolism problems. And at this time I never thought about eating healthier—I was just longing for some “diet” that would get the weight off. My last dieting attempt was in 2003—my mom had died suddenly and aside from being sad beyond belief, I was horrified that I was in a fat cycle. I said to my friend Sue who was helping me shop for funeral wear, “Of course I have to be fat right now when I’m going to see all these people I haven’t seen in years!”  Nice perspective.

So I went on weight watchers and lost a bunch of weight eating gross processed crap like frozen lean cuisines and weight watcher dinners—easier for me to monitor my points. As usual I was starving—figuratively, and literally. I certainly was getting no nutrition. I started gaining weight back before I even got to my goal—ugh, the horror. The sadness. The panic.

I made the decision then that I had to stop dieting. The only question was how do I get back to where I started—to my naturally thin self?

It took me years to figure it out. Lo and behold—it turned out that super nutrition was the way to heal my body and take care of my weight. And what’s more packed with nutrients than a glass of raw kale, collards, sprouts, cucumbers and celery??

I did a three day juice cleanse and then basically juiced twice a day and ate one mindful meal. The weight started falling off of me. I wasn’t hungry—for once I was nourished. I’ve learned that you can be overweight and literally starving at the same time. My digestion was so screwed up that even when I started eating whole foods I just wasn’t getting the nutrition I needed. Not only did the juice produce weight loss, it also healed my stomach! Now I am a nutrient assimilating machine. Just take a look at my glowing skin for proof of that :-)

So is juice the only piece to this weight loss miracle? Not quite. The other pesky piece is doing the work to heal all the negative thoughts and beliefs we have formed around food, diet, body image etc. Our bodies hold on to weight for a variety of reasons—it often makes us feel safe in some way. Our bodies need to feel that it is safe to let the weight go. To get the one two punch of a mind body approach to weight loss a great tool to use here is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or tapping. EFT is another miracle as far as I am concerned. It clears the limiting beliefs and gets us vibrationally into alignment with what we want—in this case health and weight loss. More on this in my EFT QuickStart guide above and to your right.

Is this all hard to do?? No. I tell you honestly this weight loss was so easy for me. I loved it. I still love it. It’s sustainable and it feels great. I truly wish this for anyone who can relate to my story above. Being overweight is not something anyone wants. It sucks. It’s not because someone is lazy or they just don’t give a shit. Most likely they have been trying all of their life to do something about it and it just makes the situation worse. I think I have found quite a good solution in this mind body approach. The more nutrients you get into your body through drinking fresh pressed vegetable juice, the more your body craves healthy foods and exercise. There is no struggle—it just happens.

If this resonates with you and you need help getting started get in touch with me. Check out my coaching page here or email me questions

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