The Joy of Eating~The Anti-Diet Solution for Weight Loss and Health

Have you lost the weight, only to gain back more over and over again?

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Front cover Joy of EatingFood, although intended to sustain us, has become a source of fear and judgment cascading into a widespread constant anxiety.  For many of us our own body has turned into a cause for self-loathing as weight creeps up despite our best efforts.  Desperate to get rid of the weight, we search for someone to tell us the “right” way to eat.  As these solutions continue to fail we blame ourselves—There must be something wrong with me.

The truth is there is nothing wrong with you!  This feeling is simply a result of our conditioning around food, diet, and body image.  Once we get stuck in the pattern of chronic dieting we lose trust in ourselves and continue to look out there for the answer.

This book is my story of regaining good health and getting back to my optimal weight, but the real message is about so much more than weight loss.  I think you will find that once you finally dump the diet mentality and make peace with food and with your body–when that stress is eliminated–it will lead you through the doorway to living a more peaceful and joyful life.

Throughout the pages of this book you will:

  • Explore making peace with food
  • Change limiting thoughts and beliefs around food, diet, and body image
  • Learn to go within to find the healthy eating style that is right for you
  • Find a sustainable way to lose the weight for good
  • See how making peace with food and your body can spill over into all areas of your life

Gwen Irwin tells a compelling story of her journey to weight loss and health.  She understands the most important part of any transformational journey; it all starts with changing your thoughts and beliefs.  A must read for anyone who has been on the dieting roller coaster for too long!”
~Andy Dooley—Co-founder of and Creator of Vibration Activation™

“A realistic, motivating conversation about weight loss for those who have tried everything else and failed.”
~Kirkus Review–read the full review here.

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My wish for you is to rediscover,
as I have, the joy of eating.

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