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I’m just going to get right to it. How do you cope? What do you do about this horrible, unthinkable thing that has happened? How do you go on to enjoy your holidays, or your cup of tea for that matter when others are suffering in insane amounts?

Years ago, and sadly because there have been many I can’t remember what the tragedy was, I heard something that really helped me and I want to try and pass on the gist of it here. Brad Yates, a master EFT practitioner, wrote (this is paraphrased) that our self imposed suffering while thinking about and watching all the media about horrific events that have happened in the world does not help the victims, all it does is cause harm to ourselves. He also went on to address the guilt that people have associated with not thinking about and dwelling on what happened. We can start to feel like a bad person if we don’t focus on the suffering of others. But again, it does those involved no good and it leaves us paralyzed with grief and fear, and sometimes hate, which doesn’t do anybody any good—all it does is spread.

There really are no words to aptly describe any of this. What happened in Connecticut is tragic beyond words. All I can suggest is that we approach it from a place of love and compassion. Love and compassion for all of those involved. This is something we can do that can help any situation, because even one person coming from a place of love rather than fear and vibrating at that high frequency can change how the people around them feel. It just takes one person to affect a few around them who will affect the people they come in contact with. It’s about lifting people up in whatever way you can rather than getting stuck in the collective drag that can happen at a time like this. You will feel better, and you will help others whether you know it or not.

I also want to share something tangible you can do in this particular instance to support the folks in Newtown. Nick, Alex, and Jessica Ortner, meridian tapping experts and producers of the documentary “The Tapping Solution” are from Newtown and Nick and Alex both are currently living there, Alex with his wife and two young children. They have organized The Tapping Solution for Newtown: Stress and Trauma Relief Project. From Nick’s post:

“On the ground here, I’ve been on the phone the last two days coming up with a plan on how we can best help and serve. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as going in there and saying, “Everybody tap!” It’s a delicate situation on so many levels, so I’ve been talking to trauma experts and other people with experience to see how we can best serve, while respecting the existing channels of support.

Just this morning we formed what we’re calling “The Tapping Solution for Newtown: Stress and Trauma Relief Project.” Dr. Lori Leyden, who you might recognize from her incredible work with genocide victims in Rwanda, has already agreed to fly in from California to lead the support team. That team and its approach will grow in the coming days.

Our intent behind “The Tapping Solution for Newtown: Stress and Trauma Relief Project” is to:

A. When appropriate, work with those affected, directly or indirectly, in Newtown and the surrounding areas.

B. Establish a “train the trainer” model, where both professionals and lay people can learn how to use tapping for themselves and for others.

C. Create new approaches and protocols that can be used here and then modeled in other similar circumstances.

As you can imagine, such an effort will cost money. From flying people in, to housing them, feeding them, perhaps advertising to spread the word on the support available, and so forth. To that effect, all this week we’re raising money to support these efforts. I got together with my sister, Jessica, who many of you know, and my brother Alex, who works behind the scenes running things at the Tapping Solution, and we’ve each agreed to donate $10,000 to support this work. So we’re off to a good start with $30,000 being raised to help.

Now’s where you come in!

This week, we’ll be running a 50% off sale on The Tapping Solution film, with 100% of the SALE PRICE going to these relief efforts.

I want to be clear, if you buy one copy of the movie for $14.95, then $14.95 will go to these relief efforts. There’s obviously expenses, like credit card processing, customer service, the cost of the DVD’s, etc,. but those costs will be covered by The Tapping Solution.

Furthermore, while I personally plan to work with people here, none of the funds raised will go to me in any way, shape or form.

I’m laying this out in so much detail because it’s important for people to know what’s happening exactly. To that point, if we raise funds beyond what we can use for these direct relief efforts with Tapping, then we’ll divert those funds to other efforts in Newtown. I’ll keep you apprised of that as it’s happening as well.”

Please read the rest of the post here and if you would like to help pick up a copy of The Tapping Solution at the bottom of Nick’s post. In keeping with coming from a place of love and compassion as I spoke about earlier, learning a tool like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a very powerful way to release fear and trauma. If you are feeling stuck in the overwhelm of this awful event, as I am sure many of us are, tapping will help you to shift out of a place of fear so you will be better able to help others. And if you already know EFT you can give the gift to someone who might not.

May we all find some peace through the end of this year and in the New Year to come.

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