There Are Two Sides to Every Story

We all have things that we want. How do we determine what it is that we want? Often by thinking about what we don’t want. Because when we get all caught up in thinking about what we don’t want that signals the Universe to NOT send things of that vibration our way, right? Sorry—we are vibrational beings so what we focus upon is what is going to show up in our lives in one form or another. So while thinking about what we don’t want might lead us in the direction of what we do want, we have to be super mindful about staying in the vibe of what is wanted and not falling back into thinking about the other side of the story—what we hope doesn’t show up.

There are a lot of things that we do in our lives that we do automatically without giving much thought to the what if’s or the other side of the story. We just do. Take for example brushing your teeth. When you wake up in the morning before you get out of bed do you lie there thinking, I hope brushing my teeth goes alright today. It went pretty well yesterday. But suppose I squeeze the toothpaste tube too hard and a whole bunch of toothpaste comes out all at once. Damn—that will be a mess. And if that happens I might get some toothpaste on my shirt. That never comes out—I would have to change. Do I have something else I can wear? I guess I’ll have to plan on a few different outfits. What about when I go on vacation—the same thing could happen. I should bring twice as many outfits then because of this crazy toothpaste tube. Hmmm, maybe I should just brush my teeth naked. But that’s kind of a pain for after a meal and they might frown upon it at work. Oh, God, I don’t know what I am going to do about this tooth brushing situation. No, you get up and brush your teeth.

So why is it that we often focus on the unwanted side of the story? Well, because it sometimes seems more glaringly obvious to us. I want more money, but right now I can hardly pay my bills—what are you focusing on there? When you go to pay your bills and it’s a struggle you are focusing on your lack of money, whereas with the tooth brushing example you really don’t have any reason to focus on the potential negatives of it. But I have to pay my bills—what should I do?

The answer is do what you can with what is currently your situation then turn your focus and thoughts on to what is wanted—abundance. Pay what bills you can and if there is not enough then make some phone calls and see if you can set up a payment plan. Take whatever steps you can to rectify the situation at hand—don’t just freak out about it and wish it would go away because guess what vibe that sends out? You got it—LACK. When you’ve done what you can right now shift your focus. What would you like to happen in your life right now in order to improve your financial status? Maybe you would like more clients for your business—that’s where you want your thoughts to lie. Be like a maniac with client attracting thoughts. Oh my God, clients are just falling into my lap—it’s ridiculous! Everywhere I go lately the subject comes up about what I do and then people I just met are asking me for help. I don’t even have enough time to schedule all these people in—I’ll have to start a waiting list. Wow, I am really in demand—people really need my services. I am excellent at what I do.

Even if you feel silly at first—who cares?!? Make it fun. Everywhere you go have your business cards ready because you are going to meet another client. Act as if it is already happening. Even if you have only one client right now, always talk about your clientS. Start thinking about trips you are going to take because you have so much money left over after you pay your bills. Stay in the vibe of it. The trick is to try and make this new improved vibration as automatic as brushing your teeth. And when you catch yourself getting freaked out when you sit down to pay your bills, it’s ok. Just be aware of it and don’t stay there. Do what you can now and get right back on that client bandwagon. Even if it isn’t your current “reality” thinking those thoughts will feel better. And ultimately that is what you are reaching for—thoughts that feel good. Good thoughts bring good things!

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