There’s Just One Condition…

When I was working as a mortgage processor (I know—yikes!!) conditions were the bane of my existence. In order to clear a loan to close the bank would issue a list a mile long of “conditions” that you would have to satisfy in order for them to approve it and allow it to close. And sometimes when you cleared one condition it would cause them to add more. Most days you would hear at least one of us, if not all of us, say, “Are you f#*%ing kidding me?!?!?” It was not a fun time.

You know what else is not a fun time? When we issue ourselves a list of conditions, and then try in vain to satisfy them so we can finally be happy. Unfortunately we are very much like the untrusting underwriters at the bank—when we satisfy one condition we often add a couple more thinking that the original condition just wasn’t good enough. We underwrite ourselves into an impossible situation. Our happiness hangs in the balance, just one or two conditions away. If only……

We have all heard the phrase, unconditional love. I think we all understand what that means—love without any conditions—no matter what. When we think about that phrase we often think of it in terms of somebody else—having that kind of love for another whether it be a partner, our child or a friend. But what about ourselves? When it comes to love and happiness for ourselves, we often don’t think we have it, like we have it to give to someone else, so we try to get it. Much like getting a home loan, we figure getting it can’t be easy—it’s happiness for God’s sake. So we get busy listing our conditions, crossing them off, and then adding new conditions. And when we are just about there…..seems like we might be cleared for happiness….oh—your credit score dropped three points putting you under the acceptable limit. Your application for happiness and love has been rejected.

All we need to realize, when we have been rejected for happiness once again, is the bank is actually inside of us. Yes, that’s right—the application, the underwriter, and all the money are all already there. You don’t need to get it because you already have it—there is no approval process unless we make one up. Imagine that—you are already happy. You already have great love for yourself. Imagine if it didn’t take the number on the scale, that new job, or a new boyfriend to make you happy. Ok, now since you are already imagining it, why not start just living it? The funny thing is, once you are happy then you will be attracting all the things you thought you needed to make you happy. Hahaha—the joke’s on us—we already had it the whole time!!! And now we get all the perks that come with happiness too—like that new house because your home loan was approved!

The message today is don’t wait to live a happy life full of love for yourself. No matter what the circumstances, or your perceived conditions that need to be cleared, the happiness and love are available all the time because they are already inside of us. When I first started as a processor the senior processor said to me, “From now on the best three words you will hear in your life will be Clear to Close.” But the bank wouldn’t let me issue the clear to close—they had to do it. I am here to tell you that nothing outside of you is responsible for issuing your personal clear to close on happiness and love. It’s up to you. So clear the conditions today and start living the happy life you have been out there trying to get!


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