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Ok, I usually hate it when people use the word juicy, especially in a yoga class—this is a really juicy stretch. But this blog post, it actually is juicy because it’s about…….JUICE! Or more specifically, it’s about juicing vegetables and fruit.

I am very fortunate to live in a town that contains within it a wonderful raw/vegan/juice café—The Revitalive Café (in the Tannery in Newburyport MA, in case you are visiting or live around here!) And actually, I never thought I would utter, let alone write, that sentence in my life. I knew nothing about juicing and all I knew about blending was making the occasional fruit smoothie in my cheap-o blender. The raw and/or vegan lifestyle never appeared to me as appealing, or something that was actually doable. Don’t get me wrong—I have not become a vegan/raw purist by any means!! But, damn, the juicing has got me hooked!

I would go to Revitalive on occasion to get one of their blended smoothies which had greens, fruit, and lots of good really nutritious stuff. When I did I would think while drinking it, wow this is really satisfying! And I felt pretty good afterward. One day while I was hanging around waiting for my smoothie (ok, that is actually another word I don’t care for but I don’t know what else to call it) I noticed that they offered several different juice cleanses. I was intrigued but didn’t jump right on the wagon.

I kept thinking about it but didn’t take action until after I watched this fantastic documentary about the huge benefits of juicing (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead—check it out online if you haven’t seen it). I was really looking for a way to be a little more nutritionally sound so I thought, what the hell, I can handle doing juice and a little bit of raw food for three days. Even if it awful, it’s only three days and at least I can say I tried it.

Well, I’ll tell you what. At the end of those three days I wanted to keep going. I felt good—super nourished and not really hungry after the first day. The only reason I didn’t was because I was going away for the weekend. But right when I got back I bought myself a juicer and have been a nut about it ever since!

It is amazing what a change drinking fresh mostly vegetable juice makes!! I have more energy and I am off of coffee! I have more mental clarity, have been sleeping well, and another nice side effect is I feel slimmer. You truly feel the nutritional punch from the juice. I can’t say enough about it….and I’m sure I’ll be saying a lot more about it so beware! Even if you are sitting there saying to yourself, “No! That is just not for me”, I am still going to try and browbeat you into trying it.

At least check out Fat Sick and Nearly Dead—it’s free online—just Google it. Then maybe I can cut down on the browbeating!!!


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