Three Ways to Start Releasing the Weight

There are a lot of us out there looking for weight loss solutions. I looked for them for most of my life. Is there one magic way of eating that will “cure” us from our weight loss woes? Not really, but here are some good guidelines.

1) Give yourself the kick start of a 3 day juice or smoothie cleanse. This will give your body a chance to reset itself and will rid you of cravings for sugary and processed foods. It really makes all the difference in the world to start from this place. Don’t be scared—it’s only three days. That may sound like a lot but it is really a very short period of time and by the end of it I would place a bet that you will want to keep going because you will feel so good. That leads to number two.

2) Eat good food; feel good about what you eat. When I say good food that means nutrient dense real food that is as close to its natural state as possible for example fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains as the grain itself rather than transformed into bread, pasta etc., nuts, seeds, wild caught fish, humanly raised natural chicken and humanely raised natural grass fed meats (depending on your preferred style of eating of course). Have raw veggies as much as you can (hmmm, what’s a good way to get A LOT of raw vegetables in…..oh, that’s right JUICING!!!). Add a salad into every meal. Believe it or not, after the cleanse your body will be craving these nutrient dense foods. By keeping up with the juice and mindfully eating whole foods our bodies get truly nourished and the weight will start to come off. And if you are eating this good food, how can you not feel good about what you eat??

3) Use the 90/10% rule. Make 90% of what you eat fall into the above category but don’t feel so stringent about it that you feel like you are “on a diet.” Having can’t or shouldn’t foods can set us up for failure. Celebrating someone’s birthday? Have a piece of cake. Going out for a nice dinner or special occasion? If you feel like it have the bread or pasta. Have an ice cream with a friend on a hot summer day. The trick here is to be aware and realize if your 10% starts to rise. Eating sugary and processed foods can lead to craving more especially if you are not getting the nutrient dense food in. So just be aware. Chances are you will be feeling so good eating your super nutrient packed food that occasionally going off track won’t throw you off because your body will still be craving the good stuff. But everyone is different so again be aware about how the 10% eating affects you.

As an example I just got back from vacation from an all inclusive resort so food was abundant and meals a focal point. I concentrated on having nutrient dense food at each meal such as fruit at breakfast and a big salad at lunch but I didn’t worry about also having dessert, bread, pasta or dairy. There is nothing “wrong” with the latter foods; they just don’t make me feel as good as the former. I will admit I was a little hyped up on the sweets at the end of the week but I was aware of it and got right back to my regular routine when I got home with lots of juice and whole foods. No big deal. If you can find a style of eating that you truly enjoy that packs a nutritional punch it won’t be hard to get back to it. It will feel nourishing and kind. And coming from being a chronic dieter that is very exciting!

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