Weekend with the Universe, Round 2

I once again had the amazing good fortune this past weekend to attend Mike Dooley’s (Notes from the Universe) Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer conference which he puts on with his brother and my mentor Andy Dooley. Holy crap is all I can say about it.

Really…I am having a hard time finding the words to describe it.

Ok, so I can tell you this—do you know what happens when you get 240 like minded people who understand and live the principles of the law of attraction in the same room together? The vibration just becomes mental it’s so high. Wow—it is like swimming around in a sea of love. Did I just say that?! I am a little embarrassed it came out of my mouth, but it is the only way I can think to describe it!

I hugged a complete stranger at the airport when I was leaving because she helped me find where I was supposed to catch my bus (I’m a bit of a dope figuring out transportation). She was a little surprised but it felt so natural to me after being in that environment.

So think about who you hang around with. Do you surround yourself with people who share common interests with you and who are generally positive and supportive? Or are you constantly around people who like to, as Andy says, ride the bitch train on everything from the weather to their shitty lot in life?

If your answer was the latter then I must tell you that it is time to start reassessing your relationships. If you are consistently around people with a crappy attitude it stands to reason that it is going to be pretty difficult for you to maintain a positive perspective as you go about your day to day living. Basically, being around super negative people=misery. And just like the saying goes, misery loves company and will serve you up a nice glass of wine and a lovely cheese plate if you will hang out for the bitch show.

Yes, we probably all have some people in our lives that can be a bit negative from time to time. Hell, I go there sometimes when I feel the need to remember my old worry heavy self. But once I start hanging around there I remember, Right, I stopped worrying and lamenting all the time because it sucks and it gets me nowhere—whoops, temporary memory lapse!

I know it can be difficult when you have known someone a long time or even if they are a part of your family to just stop associating with them altogether. But you can limit the amount of time you spend with them and you can definitely make a choice to not get on the bitch train with them and roll on down the tracks. You have a choice as to whether you get drawn into the negativity or not. And in some cases it might be best to just weed your social garden.

This weekend, aside from learning a ton of stuff and being around lots and lots of truly inspiring people, just got me thinking about how important who we surround ourselves with on a daily basis is. I feel so incredibly grateful to have the Infinite Possibilities community, but also I am blessed to have a wonderful, upbeat, fun and funny circle of friends and family where I live.

Yet it wasn’t always this way—when I look back to a time in my life where I was very invested in worrying and not loving my life I definitely attracted some relationships that were as they say, “toxic”. All those relationships did for me was to keep me stuck in my own toxicity.

So take a look at who’s around you. And then realize that you have a choice as to whether you want that energy in your life or not.

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